The coast of Kavala at the peak of property prices

The coast of Kavala at the peak of property prices
The coast of Kavala at the peak of property prices

“The big deal boom was this year and the Bulgarians were far from the main buyers. Greeks from Germany bought the houses in the area. Many American and Canadian Greeks also bought. And the demand raised the prices,” says Hristina Andonova, owner of the real estate agency VIP Real Estate.

Now the demand in Peramos is more than the supply. New construction is in the range of 2000 – 2300 euros/sq.m, and the old – in the range of 1300 – 1800 euros/sq.m depending on the view and other factors. An essential clarification is that the Greek manner is to sell new construction complete, with bathrooms, kitchens, heat pumps, and sometimes with electrical appliances, as Bogdanov says. Another feature that Hristina Andonova draws attention to is that real living space is sold in Greece – if it is 50 square meters, it is declared as square footage and taxes are paid on it, even if the terrace is 100 square meters.

Plots in Peramos are expensive, but the area is also preferred, explains Open House. Amolofi beach is in the top 7 of the best European beaches – 3 km of fine sand, shallow sea, crystal water and more than a dozen beach bars. The food is delicious and at good prices. The second main livelihood is viticulture. There is sewage and cadastre, mineral springs and archeology, Bogdanov lists the merits.

“In 2008, a lot was bought here, banks lent a lot of money and the square meter reached 2,000 euros. Then it fell to 1,000 euros. A year or two ago, prices rose to the levels of 2008 and continued to rise,” says Hristina Andonova . She has been in Greece since 1994 and in 2008 she opened an agency. Her office used to be in Kavala, Nea Iraklitsa, and is now on the promenade of Nea Peramos, so she has a view of the region.

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