We honor a beloved saint, see who is celebrating a name day today

On September 16, a name day is celebrated by all those who bear the name Lyudmila and Ludmil (the name is of Slavic origin and means “beloved of the people” or “who loves people”).

On this day, the Orthodox Church celebrates the day of St. Ludmila Czech Republic. The holy martyr Lyudmila, princess of Bohemia, was married to the Czech prince Borivoj. Both received Holy Baptism from St. Methodius. They wanted to enlighten their subjects in the true faith and built several churches.

But Prince Borivoi died young and left his wife a widow, who led a strict, pious life. She continued to take care of the Church during the reign of her son Vratislav. Vratislav was married to Dragomira – their son was named Vyacheslav. After the death of the father, the heir stood on the throne, but taking advantage of his youth and inexperience, his mother (Dragomira) began to return pagan customs and manners to the country.

St. Lyudmila resisted this, but Dragomira tried to kill her. After the failed attempt, St. Ludmila left the Czech capital and secluded herself in the Techin fortress. Legend has it, this was not enough and Dragomira sent new assassins, they attacked St. Ludmila while she was praying and they fulfilled the order. The relics of St. Martyr Lyudmila were brought to Prague in the Church of St. George and are deeply revered and visited because they perform healings.

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