Mladen Shishkov: Minimum salary will reach – 1,200, the average

Mladen Shishkov: Minimum salary will reach – 1,200, the average
Mladen Shishkov: Minimum salary will reach – 1,200, the average
“I am proud and excited tonight that once again I will expect you to trust me. Because I know that together we can deal with the crises that hit us. We have proven it many times because we are GERD and we are stronger than Chaos!” With these words, the candidate for People’s Representative Mladen Shishkov welcomed the residents of Rakovski municipality in the hall of the renovated community center in the city. He gathered friends, like-minded people, members and sympathizers of GERB to present to them highlights of the party’s anti-crisis program.

He was supported in the endeavor by the leader of the list of GERB-SDS for Plovdiv district Desislava Trifonova, regional coordinator Georgi Maradzhiev, the mayor of Rakovski Pavel Gudzherov, candidates for people’s representatives from the list of GERB-SDS for Plovdiv region.

“We lost a lot during the management of the “Change” and now chaos reigns in all spheres, inflation is unbearable, European programs have been stopped, the purchasing power of households has decreased, commented Shishkov and specified: “That is why a radical change is needed, one that will return the trust of the Bulgarians in the institutions.

And only GERD can change this situation. Shishkov emphasized that the GERB’s anti-crisis program includes measures that will stabilize the country. Among them are: Concentrated efforts for approval by the EC of all Operational programs with the aim of ensuring a BGN 50 billion resource available to Bulgaria in the coming years. Urgent launch of all projects and funding schemes from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Reducing inflation by conducting a complex financial-economic and energy policy, working compensatory measures for energy carriers, increasing subsidies and compensations for public transport. Stabilization of public finances through a prudent, stable and conservative fiscal policy, membership in the Eurozone, limiting inefficient expenses, preserving the tax model, strengthening the revenue capacity of municipalities. According to him, if he manages GERB, the minimum salary will reach – 1,200, the average – 2,800, the pension – up to 1,000 BGN.

“Professionalism and expertise against lies, manipulations, experiments and uncertainty, this is the choice you have to make on October 2, be wise, number 24 for a stable Bulgaria,” urged Mladen Shishkov from the rostrum.

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