Do you know who Muncho is from “Under the Yoke” and do we still see madness as a means of salvation today?

Do you know who Muncho is from “Under the Yoke” and do we still see madness as a means of salvation today?
Do you know who Muncho is from “Under the Yoke” and do we still see madness as a means of salvation today?

Surely you have read Vazov’s novel “Under the Yoke”, which was studied at school, and reading it between games in the summer was mandatory as part of the compulsory independent reading literature at school. At least in my youth. However, you hardly remember all the characters, and you can easily tell about Muncho – Vazov’s crazy hero, who chose the freedom of madness over the slavery of truth. And today we notice a similar unconscious choice. Are these people, people like Muncho, free and happy because they don’t realize the black reality and this keeps them from suffering, or are they punished to not see the truth? Everyone can decide for themselves. We will remind you about Vazov, “Under the Yoke” and Muncho, facts that you probably forgot. And how to remember them? Somewhere between flying a kite and jumping a checker, you hardly thought deeply about when the novel was created or what Vazov wanted to recreate and tell us with the image of Muncho.

“Under the yoke” – modern translation

“Under the Yoke” – the priceless Vaz novel

“Under the yoke” is a novel – the first of this genre in our literature. In 1894, it was published as a book in its entirety for the first time, as an interesting fact is that it was printed in two languages ​​- Bulgarian and English. The publishing house that printed the novel in Bulgarian is “T. F. Chipev”. However, readers have met Muncho and the novel “Under the Yoke” even earlier, although not in its entirety. 1889 is the year of the publication of the first part of the novel, and the place is “Collection of folk thoughts, science and literature”. The other 2 parts of the novel were also published there a year later. “Under the yoke” is known for that it is the most read and the most translated Bulgarian book.The novel has been republished many times over the years.

Vazov created his immortal characters and the immortal novel, the relevance and interest of which do not fade even today, not in Bulgaria, but in Odessa during his exile there. Three parts, a huge volume, valuable information and numerous plots, characters and thought-provoking moments, answer hundreds of questions and give birth to even more.

How Chorbaji Marko from “Under the Yoke” brings up his children

Who is Muncho?

Muncho is a deaf and mute hero with mental problems living in a monastery. Some interpretations connect Muncho’s mental problems with the hero’s reluctance to accept slavery and its atrocities, a kind of salvation, freedom through stupidity. Muncho is extremely fond of Ivan the King and strongly attached to him after witnessing the King kill two Turks. Muncho is the one who saves the Queen’s life in the novel, and at the end of the book he is the only one who opposes Boycho’s murder, which is why he is hanged. A complex character who raises more questions than answers, a person to think about. Is madness freedom, or is the thirst for freedom through self-sacrifice madness… Is it salvation or punishment? Were those who went bare-chested to defend freedom crazy? “The mad, the mad, may they live,” Vazov said, and this quote still raises a number of questions and leaves room for reflection.

Which characters do you remember from the novel? And who is your favorite? Open this great book to immerse yourself in Bulgaria.

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