Elizabeth II was sent away by her youngest heirs (Review)

Thus, the palace demonstrates that the crown will be in safe hands for generations to come

The funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was a real demonstration that the monarchy remains in safe hands after her death. It even included 9-year-old Prince George and his 7-year-old sister Charlotte, who are second and third in line to the throne. According to royal correspondents, until the very end, their parents, Prince William and Kate, hesitated whether their beloved great-grandmother’s funeral was the right place for them, but their sense of duty prevailed. Only their younger brother, 4-year-old Prince Louis, who captured attention with his outgoing demeanor during the Queen’s platinum jubilee in June, has remained at home.

Despite their tender ages, George and Charlotte showed a knowledge of strict royal protocol. They arrived at Westminster Abbey in London, where they were the official part of Elizabeth II’s funeral, along with their mother and Queen Consort Camilla. “Prince

George looked mature for his years and clearly aware of the historic moment,

which he attended because he patiently waited for his father Prince William to arrive with their grandmother’s coffin at the abbey, then left with him,” British media commented. They noted that the children’s appearance at the funeral came as somewhat of a surprise as their father William had often shared how difficult it was for him to walk behind his mother Diana’s coffin when he was 15. But the desire to reassure the nation that there is a worthy successor to Elizabeth II on the throne, it has clearly turned out to be stronger.

There were other moments during the funeral that showed the royal family was united despite the loss of its most important person. Prince Harry once again walked behind the coffin with his brother, but he was not wearing a military uniform like him. Also in suit was his uncle, Prince Andrew, who also lost his right to represent the crown after being involved in a sex scandal with a minor.

About 2,000 officials, including 500 heads of state and representatives of royal families, attended the church service to send Elizabeth II off at Westminster Abbey.

Bulgaria was represented by President Rumen Radev and his wife, as well as by former Prime Minister Simeon of Saxe-Coburg

However, he had a personal invitation from the palace, as he is related to the queen through the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty and happens to be her uncle. Simeon II sat next to Princess Charlene, wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Former Spanish King Juan Carlos, who has been in exile for two years amid allegations of tax evasion and money laundering, also joined his son King Felipe and Queen Letizia. His appearance at the funeral caused a scandal in his homeland, and Buckingham Palace had to explain that he had received a personal invitation because he was related to Elizabeth II.

Thousands took to the streets of London to send Her Majesty off on her final journey. Late in the evening, the coffin with her mortal remains arrived at Windsor Castle near the British capital. At a church service in St George’s Chapel, he was officially lowered into the royal gallery in its vaults, where the bodies of 10 more British monarchs lie.

Before this could happen, the royal jeweler removed the imperial crown, scepter and orb from him to be returned to the palace treasury in London. The most senior officer in the royal household, who presided over everything around the queen, ritually broke a wand, demonstrating the end of his powers.

Later in a family ceremony Elizabeth II

was buried next to her husband Prince Philip,

who died 16 months ago at Windsor. Until now, his body was kept in the royal gallery in the basement of St. George’s Chapel in the castle. They will lie for eternity in George VI Chapel, where Her Majesty’s parents and her sister Margaret are buried.

Elizabeth II and her husband have chosen Windsor as their home for the past 3 years. They have isolated themselves there during the pandemic. This summer, Prince William and his family moved into a house in the castle park. He explained leaving Kensington Palace in London with the desire to be closer to the Queen. Their three children loved her company and affectionately called her Gan-gan.

According to British media, after her death, it is likely that Prince William will become the main owner of Windsor. Although the castle fell to his father Charles by inheritance, the new king did not like it at all. The king’s younger son, Prince Harry, also has a house on its territory, given to him by Elizabeth II for his wedding to the American actress Meghan Markle.

After emigrating to the US, however, they only use it on their infrequent returns to the UK. Moreover, although the two brothers have demonstrated a truce during the days of mourning for their grandmother, those close to them claim that

have not yet restored their relationship,

which worsened after Harry and Meghan began pouring in accusations of a lack of support from the royal family. So how future generations will truly carry the heavy crown left by Elizabeth II will be seen after the reverberations of their grandmother’s spectacular funeral, watched by billions of people around the world and experienced by millions in the UK itself over 10 days, have died down. .

Camila: I will always remember her smile

The palace has chosen the most unexpected member of the British royal family to speak before the national minute’s silence on the eve of the Queen’s funeral. Shortly before the whole of the United Kingdom fell silent on Sunday evening, the wife of King Charles III gave an interview on the BBC.

75-year-old Camilla was long considered an unsuitable companion in his life. The two met very young, but after disapproval from the palace, Charles ended their relationship and married the younger Diana. Their high-profile divorce and her subsequent sudden death in a car accident in 1997 made it impossible for him to marry Camilla for much longer. It is said that when he tried to discuss the matter with the Queen, she deflected the subject by saying, “I don’t feel like talking about that wicked woman.” The reason is that the two have had an extramarital affair for a long time, which Diana cites as the reason for their divorce.

However, the Queen later realized that Camilla was her son’s choice and gave her blessing to marry in 2005. This year, before her platinum jubilee, Elizabeth II announced that she wanted Charles’ wife to be given the title of “queen consort”. In this way, she outlined her future key role in the family.

In her interview, Camilla told how she will always remember Elizabeth II’s beautiful blue eyes and how they lit up her whole face when she smiled. In her words, the British queen carved out her own role when she ascended the throne. “Then there were no female prime ministers or presidents. She was the only one,” Camila said.

She revealed how Her Majesty treated it with humor when she turned up to marry Charles in shoes with different heel heights. “I probably wasn’t quite myself. I was quite nervous and for some unknown reason I put on a pair of shoes in which the heel of one was half as low as the heel of the other. I had almost reached the car when I realized what had happened. She saw him, laughed and said she was terribly sorry for this inconvenience,” the queen consort said.

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