Challenge the future! A new generation of technology with the planet in mind was exhibited at the Fair in Plovdiv

Technologies with a better future for the planet in mind were exhibited at this year’s autumn edition of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. The four-day exhibition presents a new generation of technology directly influenced by green energy and energy saving. The forum also comes to show the future of modern construction, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry, space technology and the aviation industry.

After a little more than a two-year hiatus imposed due to the COVID pandemic, the gradual revival of the tech fair took place. Within 2022, however, significantly fewer exhibitors are reported – 12 countries represented by 200 companies. Among them are from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Turkey, the Republic of North Macedonia, India, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Taiwan and Azerbaijan. A little over 60 percent are foreign companies – direct producers, traders and representatives.

It was the new Lada Vesta model that attracted great interest among visitors. Cars of the brand, produced by the Russian car company AvtoVAZ, entered mass production in 2015. Within days of the Lada Vesta being put on sale, it became one of the best-selling cars on the Russian market.

And the silent engine of the Lada Vesta – AMT made dozens of men, visitors to the fair, put their ears close to the car’s hood. The car was only a part of the representatives of a new generation of vehicles – in line with the desire to protect nature.

Entitled “Challenge the Future!” the electric vehicle industry presents a rich arsenal of electric and hybrid vehicles, traction batteries, ride sharing, charging infrastructure and other components.

It is the single-phase battery for electric cars adapted for home use. Unlike the mainstream, it is installed directly in the electrical network of the private property to power the private car. It is offered by a Polish company that has also announced three-phase charging stations for urban use on the market, Valentin Mitev tells ELZAB Ecopower.

Indian companies had a serious presence around the stands. 25 each – they represent technologies and equipment in the steel industry, mining and drilling industry. Czech, Slovak and Polish companies are involved through their national trade representatives and associations.

Other vehicles that have attracted the attention of visitors come directly from Poland. These are the shiny electric specialized vehicles – ambulance and fire department.

Unfortunately, at this year’s edition, a number of exhibitors expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of attendance.

“I have participated in various exhibitions years ago – 2008, 2013. In the past, you couldn’t miss people on the alleys. Not so this year at all. We didn’t expect it. Exhibitions have always been useful, but probably the coming hard winter has made many companies narrow the budget for such procedures”, says Valentin Mitev, representing ABB group.

We remind you that the 76th edition of the International Technical Fair will last until September 24. Until then, visitors will have the opportunity to receive a questionnaire that entitles them to a prize – a 2000W electric tricycle.


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