The EU is discussing more sanctions against Russia

The EU is discussing more sanctions against Russia
The EU is discussing more sanctions against Russia

21 September 2022 | 16:20

/KROSS/ The EU is discussing more sanctions against Russia, a spokesman for the European Commission announced today at a press conference in response to a question related to Moscow’s latest actions and statements.

A European response to the ongoing aggression – to the committed war crimes and mass murders in Ukraine, the expected “referendums”, the announced partial mobilization – is being discussed. These actions will have consequences, he added.

We are discussing the provision of additional military aid to Ukraine, the spokesman said. The EU is not at war with Russia, but supports Ukraine’s legitimate fight to protect its people and lands. Whatever the results of the “referendums” are, these lands remain part of Ukraine and the Ukrainian side is within its right to take all necessary measures within the framework of international law to restore its control over these lands, the spokesman said.

In his words, today’s statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin provides further proof that the Kremlin is not interested in peace, but in deepening the war. It is a sign of despair at the progress of the war so far. A clear signal to the international community, especially in the week of the UN meetings, that Putin is interested in continuing the war with all the negative consequences for the world. Putin wants not to contribute to solutions, but to deepen the crisis. This also affects the Russian population. The war is against the basic principles of the international community and essentially against every peace-loving country that supports the principle of international law and the UN Charter, the spokesman summed up.

Asked about the influence of pro-Russian parties in the EU and, in particular, about the upcoming elections in Bulgaria, the speaker noted that the EU is a union of democratic states that organize democratic life and elections on the basis of European treaties. The EC has no intention of interfering in the democratic life of European countries, he added. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that Europeans receive reliable information and are well informed about the challenges we face. We believe that this information will be taken into account by citizens when they vote, the spokesman said.

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