The meeting with the president has begun because of the escalation in Ukraine (video)

The consultative meeting with President Rumen Radev has begun, at which the security, economic and social consequences of the escalation of the war in Ukraine will be discussed. The gathering of “Dondukov” 2 is on the initiative of the head of state.

President Radev welcomed all the participants in the Hall of Coats of Arms, after which they entered for talks. This time there were no opening words and statements at the beginning of the event.

The consultative meeting on the subject comes days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization in Russia. In his statement on the same day, he indicated that the mobilization would only involve reserve citizens, especially those with experience.

In addition to the majority of ministers from the official cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Galab Donev, the heads of the special services also participate in the meeting with Radev. Here are the Deputy Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev, the Deputy Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Stanimir Stanev, the Chairman of the National Security State Agency Plamen Tonchev, the Deputy Chairman of the State Intelligence Agency Asen Tutekov and the Director of the Military intelligence” Brigadier General Venelin Venev.

Photo: BTA

Photo: BTA

“The Bulgarian army is in constant combat readiness. We have strengthened surveillance and intelligence in the eastern part of the country”, commented the Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov to journalists today in connection with the announced partial mobilization in Russia, hours before the meeting with the head of state. Just two days ago, he stated that there is no threat to national security, but there is a risk.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that they are following the Ukraine-Russia conflict with extreme attention, at this stage there is no specific military threat to our country.

Photo: BTA

Photo: BTA

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