The military destroyed a sea mine discovered south of Burgas (photos)

The military destroyed a sea mine discovered south of Burgas (photos)
The military destroyed a sea mine discovered south of Burgas (photos)

A team of the Naval Forces headed by Capt. III rank Dimitar Stoyanov and a group of divers destroyed a sea mine found on the coast south of Burgas, the Navy Headquarters in Varna announced. The ammunition was detonated in strict compliance with safety measures.

The signal was received today by the regional governor of Burgas, Maria Neikova, after which a positive resolution follows from the head of defense, Emil Evtimov.

Photos: Bulgarian Navy

The formation for reconnaissance, retrieval, transport and destruction of unexploded ordnance from the composition of the Flotilla combat and auxiliary ships from the composition of the Naval Forces has been assigned the task of conducting reconnaissance, transport and destruction of intended ashore object likened to a sea mine.

The ammunition was discovered in the area of ​​Maslen nos by “Border Police” – Burgas. After the inspection, the military experts classified the mine as an anchor, “Yam” type, placed in a combat position and identical to the mines placed in front of the Ukrainian coast, according to the headquarters of the Naval Forces. Moving the mine was deemed potentially dangerous and a decision was made to destroy it in place.

In early July, the Navy also reported a destroyed sea mine that was sighted 27 nautical miles east of the mouth of the Kamchia River by the Liberian-flagged motor ship Monterey.

At the end of March, the commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Kiril Mihailov, announced that three mines had been discovered in the Black Sea so far, one of them on March 26 in the Bosphorus. Earlier, a mine was found 12 miles east of Cape Iniada into Turkish territorial waters, and another 40 miles east of Constanta, both of which were destroyed.

In August, Navy servicemen twice destroyed anti-personnel mines found in Tsarevo Bay and in the area of ​​a hotel in Aheloy.

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