Russia is scared! Here’s what he sent to the US

Russia is scared! Here’s what he sent to the US
Russia is scared! Here’s what he sent to the US

A new statement from Russia clarifying the words of Vladimir Putin, which were widely accepted as a threat of a nuclear attack on NATO and the United States.

It is not in Russia’s interest to have an open conflict with the United States or NATO. This was stated at a conference by Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov.

He expressed concern about Moscow’s current relations with Washington and the Alliance, noting that they are at “almost zero”.

He emphasized that Moscow is not threatening anyone with nuclear attacks, but rather is warning of risks of interference in its military operation in Ukraine.

The US is deliberately lowering the nuclear threshold, creating a threat to Russia’s national security, the minister pointed out.

Earlier today, it became clear that the United States had warned Russia’s leadership of the dire consequences of a possible use of nuclear weapons.

US officials disclosed that the US State Department had made private communications with Moscow, but did not specify who delivered the messages or the scope of their content.

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