Beaches along the Black Sea welcome tourists PHOTOS

Falling temperatures scare sea water lovers. Since early morning, the sun’s rays warmed the Black Sea and people rushed to the beach.

There are still people by the sea enjoying the September sunshine, he saw from shared photos on the web. And despite the lowered temperatures of the sea water, brave tourists immerse their bodies in the sea. The positive effect of cold water on the body is proven – the immune system is strengthened, metabolism is accelerated, endorphin levels increase and libido increases.

Some of the establishments by the sea are still open and enjoy a significant number of customers for the middle of September.

How much will the sea cost us in September?

Meanwhile, the number of lifeguards along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has already decreased. The authorities are urging tourists who have chosen September as a vacation to be careful, as dead heat can often form. Patrol pairs of lifeguards have been organized to monitor the safety of beachgoers.

The weather:

Cloudiness over the Black Sea today is variable. Maximum temperatures are between 18° and 21°. The temperature of the sea water is from 14° in places along the northern coast to 20-21° along the southern coast. The excitement of the sea – 2 points.

Weekends will be sunny around the coast. Daily temperatures will be up to 22-23 degrees on Saturday and up to 24-25 on Sunday. The water is a little over 20 degrees, but only south of Burgas. Excitement will be light with a tendency to increase on Sunday later in the day.

“Cold, cold, but there are people”, that’s the title of the photos taken by Mariel M Don in Sunny Beach.

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