Dicho and Teddy Katsarova with a free live concert in Sofia on Sunday

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On September 25, Dicho and Teddy Katsarova will sing for music lovers in “Geo Milev” Park from 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 25.

Residents of Sofia can hear the hits “I don’t have a boss”, “More children”, “One for another”, “Streetlife” and many others.

Teddy and Dicho have two joint projects – their first duet is the song “Stay”, which they recorded together with Sofia Gospel Choir.

The two collaborated for the second time on a remake of a song by the legendary 80s band LZ. “The White Path” is written by Ziva Kyuldzhieva and composed by Hristofor Zahariev, a long-time guitarist of LZ, in whose memory the song is written.

a concert Teddy Katsarova Dicho

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