Candidate deputies of GERB-SDS discussed with citizens…

Candidate deputies of GERB-SDS discussed with citizens…
Candidate deputies of GERB-SDS discussed with citizens…

GERB-SDS candidates for people’s representatives in the list of 24 MIR Sofia Toma Bikov (leader of the list for 24 MIR Sofia)Raya Nazaryan, Evgenia Alexieva, Assoc. Dr. Valentin Radev, Tomi Nikolov, Dobromir Ivanov, Angela Hristova, Prof. Antoineta Kirova, Emanuela Sotirova, as well as the candidate for People’s Representative from GERB-SDS in 25 MIR Sofia Hristo Gadjev were guests of the traditional Kurban for health and success for the Iskar region, organized by the PP GERB-Iskar.

The municipal councilor and head of the regional organization of PP GERB-Iskar Lorita Radeva, the mayor of Iskar region and organizing secretary of PP GERB for Iskar region Ivaylo Tsekov, as well as dozens of members of the regional organization and many citizens, were present at the event.

The sacrificial offering was consecrated in the “Reverend Naum Ohridski” Temple in Druzhba Park in the city of “Druzhba-1” and distributed to the citizens present.

Candidates for people’s representatives met with residents and guests of Iskar region in open receptions. Among the topics of the talks and discussions were the high inflation and reduced solvency of Bulgarian households as a result of government policies, the rise in fuel prices, political instability and its consequences, the need for adequate measures to reduce the migrant pressure on Bulgaria and the way to maintain security on the Bulgarian borders – external to the EU, etc.

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