Valeria Veleva: I am “blown away” by what is happening in Russia

Valeria Veleva: I am “blown away” by what is happening in Russia
Valeria Veleva: I am “blown away” by what is happening in Russia

What will we remember this day with?

“If in the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago the possibility of using nuclear weapons was slightly concealed, in the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev from this morning it is categorical. The question today is whether there will be any , who has sense, to press the nuclear button” – in Podcast news, hear more from the comment of the journalist Valeriya Veleva.

And more of the topics you will hear:

Separate mobile sections for voters infected with COVID-19, contact or quarantined will not be available for the election on October 2, since there is no declared emergency epidemic situation. This is the decision of the Central Election Commission. According to him, infected or contact voters will be able to vote in the settlement where they are quarantined, and they will be able to cast their vote in a mobile polling station, only if there is one for people with permanent disabilities. In order to be included in the mobile box voting list, voters under quarantine can submit an application to the mayor of the municipality, district or town hall from September 26 until election day inclusive.

There is no evidence of illegal logging in the area of ​​the flooded settlements in Karlovsko. Only administrative violations were found, announced the Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev. According to him, everything that could be verified has been checked, I quote. A number of inconsistencies were caught regarding uncleared felling, improperly temporarily stored wood, including the intensity of felling, he added. However, one component remained unknown for now, namely the diseases that caused a number of fellings.

Even in the sunset of his glamorous football career, Messi remains an industry worth hundreds of millions of euros, “Korner” reported. Another proof came from the Spanish “Marca”, which delved into the financial affairs of the Argentine’s current club – PSG. According to the figures, Messi brought in a whopping €700 million in revenue for the French giants. Or to put it another way – in his first year at PSG, Lionel Messi has been much more useful to his new club off the pitch, having managed just 11 goals. However, the financial benefits for PSG from bringing in Messi are huge. His transfer alone resulted in 10 new sponsors. Other serious income came from the sale of jerseys. 60% of shirts sold in the club shop bear Messi’s name and PSG have sold over one million shirts – each priced between £79 and £140. PSG marketing director Mark Armstrong admits the club cannot meet the huge demand.

What impressed us a while ago?

The book “The Professor” by the young author and journalist Tanya Glukhcheva has recently been on the market in our country. In it, love, betrayal, obsession, fanaticism, atheism, science and morality intertwine in an attempt to answer the question: “If Fate gave you a second chance to right a wrong from the past, would you take it?” For all this, as well as what feeling she wants to convey to the people who will hold in their hands her second work (after “Traveling on Friday the 13th”), listen to the news on the Podcast.

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