The Samokov Hospital issued a statement about the death case in front of the Emergency Center

The Samokov Hospital issued a statement about the death case in front of the Emergency Center
The Samokov Hospital issued a statement about the death case in front of the Emergency Center

The Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment in Samokov issued a statement to the media regarding the death in front of the Emergency Center in the city.

Currently, the hospital in Samokov does not have a registered emergency department in accordance with the current Ordinance of 2017 on the approval of the medical standard “Emergency Medicine”, reported the Samokov Hospital.

A video shot by the deceased’s relatives shows him lying helpless in the back seat of a car while waiting for a doctor to arrive. It turns out that the medic who was on shift had to accompany another emergency patient by ambulance to Sofia. Only the nurse was there.

A man died in front of an emergency center

Katya Sungarska, the spokeswoman for CSMP-Sofia, clarified earlier today that the branches of Emergency Assistance in the district are not emergency departments of hospitals. “The workplace of the emergency teams is in the ambulances and that’s what they work and that’s what they do,” she pointed out. According to her, doctors from the hospital responded within 6-7 minutes, and not after half an hour, as claimed by relatives.

“MAL – Samokov” has been issued a permit for carrying out treatment activity No. МБ-253/17.08.2016. According to the issued permit for activity at MAL Samokov, an Emergency Department has been opened and operates – with first level of competence in fulfillment of the medical standard of “Emergency Medicine”, approved by the repealed Ordinance. By the end of 2017, the medical facility had to submit an application and bring the operation of its emergency department to the new “Emergency Medicine” medical standard, said Samokov Medical Center.

Until now, there is no information about any administrative actions taken by the management of the Medical Center – Samokov to submit an application and documents to change the circumstances of the issued permission to carry out treatment activities, with a view to complying with the deadline for bringing the opened Emergency Department into compliance with the requirements of the standards in emergency medicine, the hospital added.

Currently, Samokov Medical Center has a contract for the provision of medical assistance to patients with emergency conditions, with which the hospital undertakes to provide diagnosis and treatment of an urgently ill patient at the request of the duty team from the emergency medical assistance branch. The hospital also had such a contract in 2021.

“We draw your attention to the fact that with a number of letters from the Ministry of Health to the directors of the regional health inspections, they are required to instruct the heads of the medical facilities to take the necessary administrative actions to promptly bring the activities of the medical facilities into compliance with the requirements of the current medical standards and update of the issued permits for the implementation of medical activity”, the MBAL-Samokov also pointed out.

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