At first he promised to play offensively, but…

At first he promised to play offensively, but…
At first he promised to play offensively, but…

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The former player and head coach of CSKA Angel Chervenkov spoke to “Tema Sport” and commented on the current situation in the “red” club after the loss from Levski. At the beginning, he was asked who was more to blame for the defeat – the coach or the players:

“The answer is complex. And the blame cannot be divided, but shared. There was a coach who said: “We prepare them physically, tactically, mentally, technically, but on the field they play and we depend on their performance”. Unfortunately , against Levski, CSKA was completely outplayed and conceded in every respect. For this reason, the fault must be sought in each one”replied Chervenkov, and then pointed to Sasha Ilitch’s mistakes from the Vasyl Levski match on September 18:

“At the beginning of his stay at the “Army”, Sasha Ilyich promised that the team would play offensively, but… at the same time, he goes against Levski with six strongly defensive players and no idea how to press and outplay the opponent. How can we expect Vion to gave something creative. He can only do splits and fouls. The boy runs a lot, fights and so much. Something is very confused. In CSKA, the level and criteria must be different. In Levski they play in the same building, but look at their inside midfielders. Can we compare the creativity of Philip Krastev and Georgi Milanov with that of Vion and Yuga, and sometimes Jefferson?”asked the former coach of CSKA.

Angel Chervenkov also named only two players of the “Armies” who made a good impression on him and expressed the opinion that the champion in the First League is foretold: “Everyone who sympathizes with CSKA should pray that Jurgen Matej is healthy. If he doesn’t play, then the problems will become even deeper and the chaos will be complete. Lindseth is also a good signing. And I’m done with this question.”

“It will be very difficult, but the truth is that CSKA cannot drop out of the fight for the first place, because there is practically none. The champion is clear, and the battle is for the places after that and for an exit to Europe. Simply, quality costs money, but it’s also a matter of correct judgement, what evidence Levski gave. In this direction, everyone in Bulgaria should be equal according to Metodi Tomanov. CSKA surpasses Ludogorets in only one indicator – the audience, but unfortunately the fans also withdrew for the most part”.

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