Asparuh Iliev: Placing a second booster reduces the risks of severe complications and death, especially among the most vulnerable groups

Asparukh Iliev. Photo: BCHK

Asparuh Iliev joined the “You decide” initiative. Its purpose is to provide the public with reliable information regarding the vaccination against the coronavirus infection.

It brings together leading doctors, incl virologists, immunologists, general practitioners, scientists, teachers and other specialists. So everyone can make an informed decision about the benefits of vaccines and vaccination against COVID-19. The initiative fully respects the right of every person to inform himself and make the important decision whether to get vaccinated or not.

According to Asparuh Iliev, the data from the analyzes of all vaccines categorically show that administration of a second booster dose reduces the risks of severe course and deathespecially among the most vulnerable groups of people.

“If you don’t have a vaccine and you’ve had Covid for a long time, then you’re likely to have a more severe course. If you also have diabetes, high blood pressure, are elderly, have lung diseases, cancer, immune diseases, then the risk increases. With the vaccine and boosters, there will still be a risk of getting Omicron, but the virus will be very mild and you probably won’t end up in hospital.” the specialist pointed out.

“We have to think of the virus as a master of disguise, constantly changing its appearance. In the first vaccines, we used its initial version, its first picture, but even now it helps us to distinguish it, but it is necessary to seal it very well in our immune memory, it is not easy to immediately recognize the new appearance. Each application of a booster strengthens the immune memory, which, unfortunately, with Corona viruses, is not very long. It is a constant false claim that there are vaccines that work for life – alas, there are not. Our immunity has the ability to remember and forget, which is great because it is flexible and only responds to the threats it needs. But this is also the reason why we are persistent in the boosters”Asparuh Iliev also said.

It is Asparukh Iliev head of the Laboratory of Brain Infections at the University of Bern, Switzerland since 2016. He graduated in medicine in 2000 in Sofia, in the period 2014-2015 he worked as a vaccine safety expert at the German Vaccine Agency. Habilitated in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology, anatomy and histology.’

The initiative “You decide” is of the Bulgarian Red Cross /BRC/ under the program “Activities in response to COVID-19 in Bulgaria”, financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Global Appeal of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Societies crescent moon.

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