The US is giving another $327 million in aid to Afghanistan

The United States will provide an additional $327 million in aid to Afghanistan to bolster humanitarian assistance. This was announced by State Secretary Anthony Blinken, quoted by Reuters.

“This US assistance will continue to support the expanded humanitarian response in Afghanistan and neighboring countries through international humanitarian organizations,” he said in a statement.

The US officially left Afghanistan on August 30, 2021 Mr.

After the Taliban seized the capital Kabul and evacuated former president Ashraf Ghani last year, the insurgent group reintroduced harsh Islamic lawsnot seen since before the 2001 US invasion that had devastating effects on the rights of women and girls.

Washington is sending $308 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

The country is in a severe crisis after the return of the Taliban to power

Girls are no longer allowed to attend secondary school, meaning their education stops after the sixth grade.

Forced marriages are being reported at an increasing rateas parents struggle to provide food for their families amid a crippled economy, have begun to re-emerge harsh punishments such as stoning and cutting off hands for theft.

Women are again required to wear the hijab, be accompanied by men when hailing taxis or traveling any distance, and are no longer allowed to work unless in the medical or educational sectors.

UN called on the Taliban to reverse their oppressive policies and for the international community to step in to provide humanitarian aid for those most affected by Afghanistan’s stalled economy and oppressive politics.

UN: Hunger threatens 6 million people in Afghanistan

Poverty in the country is deepening

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