Levski in rebellion against the BFS

Levski in rebellion against the BFS
Levski in rebellion against the BFS

Levski entered into an open confrontation with the BFS. The “Blues” called on their fans to support them in the battle against Bobby Mihailov. The former goalkeeper of Sofia was called to leave “Boyana”. Thus, the owner of Levski Nasko Sirakov turned precisely against Bobby, for whom he voted in the elections last year. In fact, the “40-year friendship” between the two appears to have ended.
Levski called on the fans to fill the stadium in the match with Botev Pd, although Discip closed it. The reason for the dissatisfaction is the punishment imposed after the derby with CSKA (2:0).
“We stoically endured the taunts of the referees in the matches with CSKA 1948 (0:1) and Loko SF (2:3). However, we will not accept claims of principle on the part of our football headquarters and its committees only on the back of the club.
We still do not know on what facts the punishment was imposed. Why was the initial sanction imposed on Loko Pd – of two matches without an audience – completely canceled for more serious offences?
When will the Disciplinary Commission start following European norms and practice in determining and imposing penalties, instead of the telephone law? All rhetorical questions to which the BFS has no answer.
We invite our supporters to fill the stadium for the match with Botev. You stop them, Mr. Mihailov! Or listen to our advice and leave forever,” Gerena announced.
From there they were supported by the National Supporters Club.
“The double arshin in Bulgarian football, garnished with professional drinking and passing out in public places, smearing with tons of gel and accumulating even more tons of bacon, have led to the point that football in Bulgaria is a tragic parody of the most popular sport, and our national team to be a football dwarf. Thank God, the times of reconciliation with the gavrs are over,” announced the NCP.
However, the BFS made fun of the leftists. The head of Discipa Yuriy Kuchev defined the declaration of the “blues” as amateurish.
“The way she looks actually shows a gross ignorance of how DK works. This is not typical of people who have been involved in football for many years. The delegate has described minute by minute what happened. Whatever his motives, I would find it difficult to accept anything another. Throwing a bomb is tantamount to a crime. It has been proven that an official was injured. Everything is described in the regulations,” the lawyer announced.

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