Anahid Tacheva died without remembering the good days and people in her life

Severe dementia struck the legendary TV presenter in her last years

The pilgrimage will be on November 23 in the Sofia Church “Sveti Sedmochiselnitsi”

One month and three days after turning 82 years old, Anahid Tacheva left forever.

The legendary TV announcer died on November 18, far from her homeland, from severe dementia. In the end, she didn’t know her friends or even her relatives. That’s how she celebrated her birthday on October 15, without remembering the good days and the people who accompanied her in her life.

Her worship will be on Wednesday, November 23, in Sofia’s “Sveti Sedmochiselnitsi” church, because she has to be brought to Sofia. This is how her little daughter, who bears her name – Anahid, explained to all her relatives. She also called her mother’s sister, Lina, who has been living in Italy since she was 17 years old. Then, still a minor, the 69-year-old woman married an Italian and left with him for his homeland.

Annie, as everyone calls the daughter of the TV announcer, also informed her mother’s brother. He is the middle of the three children in the family and lives in the USA, where Tacheva also spent the last years of her life.

Her daughter, together with Tacheva’s grandson – Dimitar Tsonev Jr., who bears the name of his father – the popular and beloved TV presenter, have been inseparable from the beautiful speaker in recent months due to her rapidly progressing dementia.

The disease has been affecting her significantly for 3-4 years, her relatives say. And she is a woman who

she always maintained your shape with a lot sports, lots of sleep and healthy diets

“It is very sad. All her life she worked with her brain and constantly exercised her mind. She used to memorize long texts in order to present them on screen. She hasn’t stopped reading books. And yet she got sick”, say her relatives.

After all, precisely with her ability to quickly learn lines by heart and never use autocue, she became known among her colleagues when she entered television.

However, her memory gradually begins to fail her, although her relatives surround her with incredible care, provide her with the best quality drugs and the most modern and advanced therapies that medicine applies. Although she is in a home environment, Tacheva has been subjected to expensive and constant tests. Her condition is monitored by specialists who are practically around the clock. That’s why her relatives were too

shocked by the fictions before month that she was sent to hospice

According to American doctors who diagnosed her, the dementia was probably triggered by the depression she fell into after the death of her son – the famous journalist and TV presenter Dimitar Tsonev. He passed away suddenly after a massive stroke in the hot August of 2016.

Until then, she had lost both her husbands – Kosta Tsonev and Vasil Tachev, but her fate brought the most terrible thing for a mother – the death of her child. Anahid Tacheva arrived for his funeral from the USA together with her daughter, who is from her second marriage with businessman Vasil Tachev.

At the end of her days, the speaker no longer recognized her great-granddaughter Bianca-Dimana, who turned 3 years old on October 17 – 2 days after the TV legend’s birthday. The girl is the daughter of Desi Tsoneva, who is Dimitar Tsonev’s older child. And she always made her great-grandmother smile.

However, nothing can lessen the immense pain of losing her son.

She experiences the misfortune so hard that for months she feels disoriented and cannot come to her senses. Thus, she allows phone fraudsters to lie to her only three months after the death of Mitko Tsonev. In November 2016, when she was still in Bulgaria, the criminals called her twice,

they convince her that they are policemen, and she them passes jewelry and money worth BGN 10,000,

to be kept from them, as he believed at the time.

“It’s scary. There are already so many thieves in our country. I tell myself honestly, I’m afraid to go out alone after 6 p.m., when it’s already dark. Feel sorry for Todor Zhivkov’s time. At that time, I was leaving alone in the middle of the night after a broadcast from the Television Tower to the “Peter Beron” tram stop. I’ve never been worried about walking alone, and a woman like me – young and pretty,” said Anahid Tacheva to “24 Chasa” after the theft.

She was only 22 years old when she won a contest on Bulgarian TV and became the most famous speaker on the national airwaves. She is so popular to this day that the myths about her are probably more than the truths of her life, much of which passes before the eyes of viewers of the First Program.

Right on the TV, he hears Nikola Filipov announcing the national competition for speakers. Then she lives with the actor Kosta Tsonev (her first husband) in a small house with a pretty yard on Petar Beron Street, and their son Mitko (who years later will become the beloved and very popular TV journalist Dimitar Tsonev – b.r.) is 2 years old.

He submits his documents to radio “Sofia”, where he is the first round. At that time, she had just made a noise during the filming of the movie “The Night of the 13th”. One of the main roles belongs to Kosta Tsonev, and she plays his niece. The film was ready, but she did not want to be associated with the actor. That is why she wrote her Armenian name in the documents – Anahid Melkon Tavityan, not Tsoneva.

“When Costa got home, I told him I was going to apply. And he answered me: “Well, yes.

your voice is not bad you can try”

says Anahid Tacheva years later. Out of the 800 women who appeared at the competition, they finally chose her and Maria Troleva.

“The first thing I said on TV was an announcement for the children’s show “Magic Candy”. I learned the lyrics by heart and said everything without blinking. Among my colleagues, I was known for memorizing lines very quickly. I have never used an autocue in my life”, says the most beautiful speaker of the Bulgarian TV after a while.

Anahid met the famous actor when she was still a high school student. 17 years old, she is already a model and participates in fashion shows. At that time, balls with special show programs are organized in the capital hall “Bulgaria”. Khacho Boyadzhiev is their director, and Vili Kazasyan’s orchestra plays. The most famous humorists participate in the programs – Neycho Popov, Encho Bagarov, Milcho Chervenkov.

In one of the evenings, Kosta Tsonev is also there. On the podium comes Anahid, dressed in a beautiful red dress, from top to bottom in small black buttons, with a velvet collar. “Aw, what a pretty girl! Oh, and what a pretty dress! But now, if I have to unbutton all these buttons one by one, it will take me a long time”, she hears Kosta Tsonev say. That night he asks her to dance the waltz and before long they are inseparable. Then

Anahid is a student in the 11th grade, and Costa is 30 years old

Her mother did not approve of the two marrying, but they married in 1958.

They married and divorced twice and had two children – Dimitar and Teodora, who is 8 years younger. Shortly after the second divorce, Anahid married Vasil Tachev, and Kosta Tsonev married his second wife, Eli.

At the time, Tachev heard about the TV announcer even before they met. He walked along “Ruski” Blvd. (now it is “Tsar Osvoboditel” Blvd.) together with Georgi Asparuhov-Gundi. They were friends. And opposite – Kosta Tsonev. He stops to talk to Gundy. Tachev, who has just returned from London, where he lived for several years, did not recognize many famous people. He stood by and then asked: “Who was that person?”. Gundy told him: “He’s a great actor. If you knew what a beautiful wife he has.”

The two meet for the first time one evening when she comes home from TV duty. She lived on “Slavyanska” street and late at midnight she walked from “San Stefano” street, where BNT is located. She met an acquaintance – Vlado, her sister’s best man. They stopped to talk, and Vasil Tachev was next to him. She paid no attention to him, but she made an impression on him. Vlado cut him off: “It is a restricted area. She is married to Kosta Tsonev, has 2 children. He works in television.”

After some time, they met Vasil in the bar of the former “Sofia” hotel, where Anahid was with colleagues. At that time, it was the most famous place where all of Sofia gathered. Both of them started talking by accident. “You know –

if something has to be done happens, nothing can stop it”,

says Tacheva later to “24 Chasa”.

Annie, named after her mother, is their only daughter and has lived with her family in New York for years. She is married to a rich Greek businessman and they have two grown children.

Even 10 years ago, however, fate was not kind to the beautiful Anahid. She was with Vasil until his last breath – in 2012, he died after complications from heart surgery. Just 6 months earlier – in January of the same year, Kosta Tsonev also left forever.

The worship of Anahid Tacheva will is on November 23 at 2:30 p.m. in the church of “St Septuagints”.

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