Citizens raised the alarm about an LTU associate professor who killed dogs for money – Criminal 18+

Civic activists sent an open letter to the rector of the Forestry University regarding an associate professor teaching at the school who poisoned and killed dogs as a side job.

Vigilant citizens have referred to an announcement on an Internet platform, as well as dozens of publications on the networks by the associate professor. In front of Lilia Trifonova announced that there is already an active petition against Associate Professor Dr. Andrey Kurtenkov, and last night a report was filed with the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

Here is Prof. Kurtenkov’s now inactive ad:

Got a problem with stray dogs? Do they annoy you, you don’t want to see them, or you just hate them and the dogs that feed them? Don’t delay, call us, we are a task force for mass killing of scavengers. And here are the options we can offer you: Shooting – BGN 70 per unit. Poisoning – BGN 50 per piece. The price includes cleaning.

Below this announcement on the website are the names and contact numbers of Prof. Andrey Kurtenkov – veterinarian and associate professor at the Forestry University, as well as Svetlin Minkov – photographer. To date, the ad does not exist, and the photographer’s website has been taken down.

Open letter

“Dear Professor Iliev,

Dear Associate Professor Dr. Trencheva,

This letter is in connection with your colleague and teacher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the educational institution entrusted to you – Assoc. Dr. Andrey Alexandrov Kurtenkov.

For years Associate Professor Kurtenkov has been publicly expressing his opinion and hatred regarding homeless animals and more on the Internet. Assoc. Kurtenkov sows hateful language and insists on closing the ZZZ. Unfortunately, he himself has found a way to make extra money by PERSONALLY offering services for the inhumane killing of dogs and cats. Information has reached us that he incites cruelty to animals and PEOPLE, expressing his nature-friendly views in his lectures on “Ethics and History of Veterinary Medicine”.


I am sending you attached photographic materials proving all of the above. Please pay particular attention to the relevant application.


In connection with everything listed above, we ask the following questions:

1. Are you familiar with the ways of expressing the personal ultimate positions of Prof. Dr. Andrey Alexandrov Kurtenkov?

2. Are you familiar with the methods of obtaining additional income for Assoc. Dr. Andrey Aleksandrov Kurtenkov, is there a possibility that he gets funds for carrying out his activities from the Forestry University – drugs for euthanasia, cartridges, etc.?

3. Has it reached you and are you aware of the teaching methods of Assoc. Dr. Andrey Alexandrov Kurtenkov?

4. Do you think that a longtime professor of Veterinary Ethics should be teaching future veterinarians about unethical practices?

5. Does the Forestry University support such behavior and share the views of Assoc. Dr. Andrey Alexandrov Kurtenkov?

6. Do you think that, based on everything mentioned above, Assoc. Dr. Should Andrey Alexandrov Kurtenkov continue teaching at your trusted educational institution?”

Radina Lazarova


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