Uruguay disappointed with a lean production against the inspired Koreans

Uruguay and South Korea started their participation at the 2022 World Cup with a goalless draw. In the first match of Group H, the two teams presented a lean production to the fans and deservedly shared a point.

The other match in this group kicks off at 18:00, with Portugal and Ghana facing each other.

Overall favorites Uruguay disappointed with their performance against the Koreans, despite hitting the post twice. The Asians were the more active team in the match and left a good impression with their game, led by the star Hyun Min Son.

In the first ten minutes, there was a lack of serious situations in front of both goals, and the surprising thing was that the Koreans were the more active team on the field.


The first serious situation didn’t come until the 22nd minute when Urus striker Darwin Nunes failed to capitalize on a scrum in the South Korean box. After that, the two teams continued with their cautious actions and, logically, in the first 30 minutes of the match, there was no goal.

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In the 34th minute came the most dangerous situation in the match. The Asians’ center forward Chon Han received a wonderful pass, but from 5 meters he failed to hit the goal and sent the ball over the goal.

Although Uruguay seriously disappointed with their performance, in the 43rd minute the team hit the post. Diego Godin headed in a cross from a corner but failed to send the ball into the net.

Thus, the two teams retired at 0:0 for the break.

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The second part started identically to the first – the Koreans were the more active team, but without creating serious dangers, while Uruguay continued to surprise with passivity in forward positions, where it was expected to be the main strength of the team in the person of Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunes.

It was there that the first change was made by the coach of the South Americans, Diego Alonso, after 64 minutes of play, Suarez was replaced by another veteran – Diego Cavani, who officially made his fourth World Cup appearance.

The move sparked Uruguay’s play somewhat, with Cavani providing a superb pass to Darwin Nunes on 81 minutes, but the Liverpool striker missed the target.

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In the last minute, Federico Valverde’s long shot hit the post for the second time. After that, a beautifully executed Uruguay tried to press the opposition in the closing minutes, but to no avail.

Thus, the two teams shared a point in their first match at the World Cup.

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