Desi Tsoneva cried with these words about the death of her grandmother Anahi…

This is the second heavy loss for the journalist, after the sudden death of her father Dimitar Tsonev a few years ago

“My grandmother’s soul suffered a lot. It is better that she is gone, now she will be with my father at last.” This was said with pain by Desi Tsoneva, the granddaughter of the legendary speaker Anahid Tsoneva-Tacheva.

The funeral of the late TV announcer from the golden years of BNT in the capital “Sveti Sedmochiselnitsi” church for the first time in a long time gathered the whole family, including her daughter Teodora, who generally avoids the spotlight.

On behalf of the family, condolences were accepted by Desi Tsoneva and the late TV star’s daughter from her second marriage to businessman Vasil Tachev, also named Anahid. According to close friends of the famous speaker, the young and very stylish lady in mourning looks strikingly like her beautiful mother. Anahid Jr. had arrived from the US with her husband and son. It is they who will take to America the ashes of the mother of the famous TV journalist Mitko Tsonev, also gone without time, explained his daughter Desi.

“The urn with my grandmother’s ashes will not remain in Bulgaria, they will place it in the home of her husband, Uncle Vasil. But at some point they will return it here and bury it next to my father,” shared the granddaughter of the late speaker. Recently, she revealed to “Bulgaria Dnes” that the sudden death of her father literally crushed her grandmother. Desi Tsoneva added that “she was really fine”, but her illness did not imply a reversal, only a worsening. “With this disease, the end often comes very quickly,” Anahid’s nephew added.

The oldest friend of the TV announcer Rositsa Nushkova, a long-time editor and director at BNT, was also broken by grief.

“For 59 years we were together with Ani! I have never met a person more beautiful mentally and physically than her in my life. Noble, subtle, kind, responsive, principled, radiant, a magnificent professional… That was Ani. I will very, very much missing”, sobbed the old lady who worked desk to desk with Anahid Tsoneva-Tacheva.

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