They crowned Mrs. Russia 2023, and she turned out to be downright scary to watch! /See photos/


Mrs. Russia 2023 is downright scary to watch.

Model and singer Natalya Oskar was crowned the most attractive married woman in Moscow a few days ago. Natalia’s photos without photoshop, however, shocked even the Russians themselves, who traditionally believe that “ours is the best”. Destructive posts appeared on social networks and the media against the new “Mrs. Russia”, as well as calls for the title to be immediately taken away from her.

Natalia Oscar was one of 83 contenders for the crown. She was born in the Far East, but came to gain her popularity in Moscow. Oscar sang her song “I’m Your Mrs. Russia” in the final, which only fueled rumors that her victory was bought. It turned out that the ghost is married to a local barovitch, close to the power in the Kremlin.

The hatred among Russians began immediately after the publication of photos of the winner of the contest. Without photoshop and the filters of Instagram and Facebook, she looked, to put it mildly, unattractive to viewers. And since they have no way to express their opinion about Putin’s war in Ukraine, their ugly mission serves as an outlet for the anger of Muscovites. Thousands of Russians are angry at the apparent mockery of the contest and resent their compatriot, who was declared the most beautiful married woman.


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