A Big Brother star was beaten hard! A unique reason

A Big Brother star was beaten hard! A unique reason
A Big Brother star was beaten hard! A unique reason

A big circus took place some time ago with our cult reality star from the Big Brother show.

Around Stoika Pipirudata, as Stoika Stefanova is better known after her participation in “Big Brother”, there is no way that something colorful or scandalous will not happen. And the incident we are talking about now is more than insane, writes “Gallery”.

It’s about the native reality star’s trip to Italy, and what happens to her there is shocking. But then, it turns out, she also begged for it quite consciously. You’ll be scratching your heads once you find out why.

And the incident we are talking about now took place a few years ago in Italy.

There, Nashenka is on vacation with close friends, but she doesn’t like the mass attitude towards Bulgarians. Several beautiful Russian women who are enjoying the architectural sights fall into her field of vision. For no reason, Stefanova decides to attack them, and later herself admits that it was she, not them, who caused the situation to escalate.

“I had bought a spray for self-defense and I thought I could use it against the Russian women. I thought they would freeze and become paralyzed the moment I sprayed them, but that didn’t happen at all. They were angry and they beat me up,” read some of her revelations in the past.

The ruckus it causes wins its audience, some of the people seek law enforcement. In the end, the real culprit remains unpunished because she is crushed by a fight, “Gallery” writes.

The women on the other side join forces and start slapping and kicking her knocking her to the ground, seeing the first scratches on her body but continuing. Stoyka leaves the battle bruised, with superficial wounds and abrasions. This is also the last physical attack he allows himself. To this day, he has not found any reasons for the explosion, the publication also writes.

He faces the complete opposite of his past self today, on the set of “The Cage,” where he plays a warden in a women’s prison. In the series, produced by Krasi Bankov, she guards strong and arrogant female prisoners who are ready to do anything for a small gain. He encounters different types, again falls into action scenes, but this time – from the other side. She performed in another hit production, again broadcast on Nova.

He partners with a whole constellation of stars such as Gergana Dandanova, Martin Dimitrov, Jacqueline Docheva and of course, Asen Blatechki. He spends the most time with the sex symbol of Bulgarian cinema and theater, as they both unfold their images behind the high concrete walls of the prison.

A curious detail is that, away from the lens, instead of giving advice, the two exchange jokes – laughter with which they thicken the breaks and at the same time contribute to the uplifted mood on the field.

In life, Stoika is a caring mother and wife. She has a long relationship with her partner Marian, with whom they tried for a child for years before fate gifted them with a girl.

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