A cult commentator returned to BNT and shook the air!

A cult commentator returned to BNT and shook the air!
A cult commentator returned to BNT and shook the air!

A famous commentator returned to national television and made a curious comment.

Prof. Petar Stoyanovich returned as a commentator in the studio of “The Day Begins with Georgi Ljubenov” on BNT.

After a one-month break, his column was resumed on November 4 at the usual Saturday morning time – around 9:40.

The two and host Lyubenov exchanged banter about their ages and how neither of them had changed much in the time they hadn’t seen each other.

Stojanovic interrupted his participation in the Saturday morning block of BNT a month ago because of the pre-election campaign for the local elections. Now that they will finally end tomorrow, he’s back on the air again.

Regarding the day for reflection today, Stojanovic explained that “on the streets of Sofia, even in the small alleys, the smell of breaded brain is everywhere”.

Shortly before Stojanovic appeared on Mother Television again, archival footage from the era of communism in our country was broadcast. The last archive report was about a Romani wedding from 1965, the musical arrangement was a frenzy that woke up the viewers early in the morning for reflection.

“On the day of reflection, we made a good choice of musical fragments. Let the professor himself express his satisfaction with what he saw,” said Lyubenov.

“It started well, it ended even better,” said the professor.

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