What connects Teacher Petar Danov and Georgi Dimitrov?

What connects Teacher Petar Danov and Georgi Dimitrov?
What connects Teacher Petar Danov and Georgi Dimitrov?

Their twin houses are collapsing

Next year marks the 160th anniversary of Petar Dunov’s birth. At the same time, his house on Opalchenska Street in Sofia is falling apart. The same twin house is also the home of Georgi Dimitrov. How the past and the present intertwine – and were the teacher and the leader of the nation close. General oblivion or general salvation awaits the houses of these opposite figures from Bulgarian history – in “The Stories of Maria Yotova”.

“The house was part of my graduation project. The twin building was built by two sisters – Dimitrov’s mother and her sister. After some time, the southern twin was sold to another tenant. The two buildings cannot be separated, they must be restored or demolished together . The northern twin has serious leaks, and the southern one has a sagging bay window. Petar Dunov rented the house when he was about 40 years old. He lived in this house for 21 years. Dimitrov and Dunov were neighbors almost all the time,” said the architect. Danka Vasileva.

Followers of Petar Dunov welcomed the Solar New Year (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

For the Ministry of Culture, the building is no longer necessary, and there are investment intentions for the plot of land to build a commercial complex.

“After the September Revolution, Georgi Dimitrov was persecuted, but he returned to his native home to see his mother. There the police came and he ran through the roof to Danov’s house, whom he asked to save him. And he did. When September 9 came Dimitrov expressed his gratitude. Danov died in December 1944, when Dimitrov was in Moscow. But after a telegram was written to him by the “White Brotherhood”, he allowed Danov to be buried in the meadows in the Izgreva area, where the Master read many of his sermons. , said Petar Vangelov from “White Brotherhood”.

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