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29-year-old Nicole is the wife of the most liked participant in “The Farm” Kostadin. They have been happily married for 8 years and have two beautiful children: Nia, two and a half years old, and Anthony, 4 years old. From a young age, she loves to dance, sing and play the piano, and at the same time she practices gymnastics. Her mother noticed her interest in ballet and encouraged her to enroll at the National School of Dance Art, majoring in modern ballet, from which she graduated. After that, she started dancing with the “Nova” ballet, which gave her the opportunity to touch the big stage and participate in tours, videos, commercials. Then she met love, and today she carefully monitors her husband’s performance in the show. Nicole took the time to answer a few questions.

– Is your husband different at home and on the Farm?

– I don’t think he’s different. He is in his paradise, as he himself says in the show, but as far as his attitude towards people is concerned, there is no difference. Both inside the “Farm” and outside it is the same – honest, responsible, compassionate, just genuine.

-Which quality of his made him the leader in terms of public approval in the show?

– There are such people who inspire you to trust, without imposing their opinion and necessarily wanting to be leaders. For him, it was never a goal because being a leader was not his priority.

– How did he win you over? Where did you meet? How was your wedding?

– The playful occasion for our acquaintance was a game with friends that his brother organized. And for the spark between us…it was love at first sight. To be honest, I noticed his hands, his smile, his radiance, his intelligence, his sense of humor. Just chemistry, I would call it. Our wedding was like a fairy tale with all the people important and dear to us.

– Do you perceive yourself as part of the cliché that beautiful women go out with football players?

– I don’t divide men into football players and others. I was raised in a family with completely different spiritual values, and I’m not saying this by chance, because since I was little I have had the freedom to judge my friendships and the people I want to be around me. Last but not least, I know my worth and I have never had the need to prove myself to anyone. I grew up among artistic people, I like to go to the theater, to the cinema, ballet, which means that my interests were in this direction.

– Do you and your children watch “The Farm” every night and do you encounter a negative attitude or are all the reviews about your husband only positive?

-Of course, we watch the show every night, the children are very excited, they ask me questions all the time. Naturally, we eagerly comment on every situation with our relatives and friends. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and yet I haven’t encountered any negative reactions so far.

-Women definitely like Kostadin, does that make you jealous and have you had any reason for it?

-Regarding jealousy – it is always the other side of the coin. Of course there is, but that’s understandable when love is there. Having known the man next to me for so many years, he has given me no reason to be jealous. The bigger the crowd of female fans, the better (laughs).

-You are the granddaughter of the great poet Orlin Orlinov, what is your most vivid childhood memory with him? What did he tell you about his meetings with Vaptsarov and Talev, did you have a favorite place to go with your grandfather?

– I was lucky enough to be old enough when he was gone. I seem to remember most of all our traditional Sunday lunches, when the whole family would gather. He was an exceptional cook. To this day, I remember the beautifully arranged table with small plates of toast, lutenika, garlic curd and his wonderful soups. I heard from my mother that when he was a small child, he used to sit on Vaptsarov’s lap. I also don’t want to miss the fact that my grandfather’s father is the great writer and playwright Orlin Vasilev, whom I know, alas, only from his photos and books. I realize what my role and responsibility is to one day be able to tell my children what kind of environment I grew up in and how important creators they were to their time and culture, regardless of what history will one day say about them.

Orlin Orlinov with his female kingdom. Photo: personal archive

-How did he live in a woman’s kingdom, because you are three granddaughters of two daughters?

-He was very happy with so many women around him. It’s a shame she didn’t live to see her first great-grandchild. Here, however, fate had its say, because my son Anthony was born on his birthday – November 7th, and that’s really amazing!

-You were announced as the most beautiful partner of a participant from “The Farm”, how do you take care of yourself?

– When you have two children, it seems like you don’t have much time for yourself. Sports, ballet, maybe genes and a balanced diet, are that combination of factors that contribute a lot to my appearance. Contrary to popular belief that deprivation and starvation help us look good, I think that very often things with diets get out of hand very quickly. I believe that everyone should find their own time and motivation, not for someone else, but for themselves. I eat three times: a full breakfast, a light lunch and a light dinner. Drink a lot of water and move – that’s what I would give as advice. Thanks for the compliment and I hope it’s well deserved.

– Do you approve the corrections?

– I approve of them, but everything should be in moderation. The criterion of beauty and how natural it should be is for everyone to decide for themselves. Why don’t I have silicone? Why don’t I have hyaluronic in my mouth? The simple answer is because I like myself the way I am.

What do you want to teach your children?

-First of all, they value and love their parents and relatives, and although they are still very young, it is important for me that they not only receive, but also learn to give, because I have shown and told them that not every child has a bike, ball, doll. It is important that they read books, be inquisitive, learn languages ​​so that the future that awaits them can be brighter! Finally, I would like to end with one of my favorite grandfather poems:

A poem can only be written on the knee!

Not for pleasure, not for interest.

Nor is a verse written late,

not too soon –

only today !

Orlin Orlinov

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