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Co-ed Gladiators Win A Place In The Residence – Shows – Highlights – Games of the Will – Season 5


The Elders lost the territorial battle and are going to the Farm

The Gladiators won the territorial battle and will spend a week in the Residence. The red tribe, which is in a reduced composition after the dropout of Radostin Krastev, Tsveti Staneva and Kaloyan Mitov, showed excellent teamwork and calmness at the Arena. The captain of the Gladiators Ivan Ralev demonstrated good leadership skills, and his teammates Krum Apostolov, Violeta Staykova, Teodora Marinova and Blagomir Mastagarkov managed to synchronize perfectly.

A battle with gravity awaits the tribes in “Games of the Will”

The Elders lost the battle and will spend a week at the Farm. The greatest disappointment was for the captain of the blue team – the swimmer Mihail Krastev. He long dreamed of the leader’s place, but started with a false start. The division in the tribe of the Elders is also evident in the Arena, and thanks to Momchil Vasilev and his correct bet in the casting battle, they will not starve on the Wild River.

Alexa Ersky: Victory is never at any cost

Tomorrow is an epic captain’s battle between two of the strongest players in “Games of Will” 5 – Ivan Ralev and Mikhail Krastev. One of them will gain a huge advantage.

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