Decisive Choice in “Deal or No Deal”

Decisive Choice in “Deal or No Deal”
Decisive Choice in “Deal or No Deal”

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Adrian Dobrev from General Toshevo took part in the previous episode of the show “Deal or not”.

Adrian started his game with box number 3. The first offer he received for it of BGN 1300, Adrian rejected, after which the Banker offered him to change it. However, he decided to keep her with him. He also rejected the next offer of BGN 2,000. However, his game was not developing in the best way for him. After opening the two biggest amounts at the very beginning of the game, bad luck continued to follow him and in the last five boxes, the most he could walk away with was BGN 2,500. The banker gave him two more chances. If his box ends up with BGN 0.50, he will win another BGN 4,000, or if he has BGN 1,000, he will win BGN 2,500. Adrian swapped Box 3 for Box 18, but unfortunately, neither of these amounts was not in it. There were 5 BGN and 1,000 BGN left at the end, and 5 BGN in Adrian’s box.

Who will be the lucky one whose name will draw the computer today and how his game will play out – watch “Deal or No Deal” tonight at 6:00 PM on NOVA.

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