Here is the stunning jury of “The Stars in Us”

Here is the stunning jury of “The Stars in Us”
Here is the stunning jury of “The Stars in Us”

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Sofi Marinova, TITA, Victor Kalev and Dobrin Vekilov – Doni will have the difficult task of evaluating the performances of the 30 teams in the newest musical format on the Bulgarian television airwaves – “The Stars in Us”. On September 11 on NOVA, the star-studded jury will see the top five teams enter a mock battle against each other, and only the best of them will continue to the next stage of the competition.

“I can’t wait to start! In the past years, I have always imitated colleagues and world stars on this stage, and now I will have to judge them. I want to see the images, meet these talents from all over the country. I hope to have a lot of fun “, said Sofi Marinova about the new challenge.

About the role of the jury in “The Stars in Us”, Donny said: “I have been a music producer and a jury in various TV shows for years, but I am especially excited about this one. For me, the format is super interesting, because people who are not professionals will appear on stage, but will do their best to get into the image of their favorite star. Until now, they may have imitated her at home, but now they will do it under the spotlight and in front of the whole of Bulgaria. I promise to be a strict but fair jury,” Nova TV reported.

90 participants who dream of appearing on the big stage in the image of their idol will face the star-studded jury. In teams of three, they will impersonate their favorite star with a common song. Only the votes of the jury will determine which teams will continue in the big race and which will be eliminated after their first appearance on the stage. At the end of the show, only one contender will leave with the grand prize of BGN 50,000.

The producer of “Stars in Us” is Magardich Halvajian (Global Films), and the show is licensed by one of the newest British music formats – “Starstruck”. The first season of the show started on ITV earlier this year. After its success, the show will premiere in several more countries around the world.

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