Sasho Yovkov extended Koshlukov’s stay at the head of BNT

Sasho Yovkov extended Koshlukov’s stay at the head of BNT
Sasho Yovkov extended Koshlukov’s stay at the head of BNT

Sasho Yovkov, the sports journalist returned to BNT on a consulting contract, extended the stay of General Director Emil Koshlukov at the head of BNT. Sasho Yovkov’s absence from court due to illness proved a stumbling block to the start of the case against the Electronic Media Council’s (ECM) failure to elect a new media director general in June. A complaint against the procedure was filed by one of the contenders for media chief – Irina Velichkova. The chairman of the SEM, Sonya Momchilova, said that until Velichkova’s case is over, she will not announce a new procedure for director general, and so Koshlukov remained at the head of the media.

Only Sasho Yovkov wished to attend in person, but he fell ill

In principle, in the present case, which is heard by the Administrative Court – Sofia region, all interested parties can be present, i.e. all 7 contenders for general director of BNT plus the regrettable procedure Irina Velichkova. “Only Sasho Yovkov declared a personal presence, none of the other contestants in the general director procedure, apart from Velichkova, wanted this,” lawyer Andrey Ikonomov, who represents the interests of Irina Velichkova in the courtroom, told Mediapool.

It turns out that a day ago Yovkov submitted a medical certificate stating that he was ill and therefore could not personally attend the case. This is the reason for postponing the start of the trial to September 15.

The sports journalist practically extended the mandate of his boss

In practice, it turns out that the sports journalist Sasho Yovkov, by not appearing in the courtroom due to illness, actually contributes to the extension of the mandate of his boss – Emil Koshlukov at the head of BNT. As Mediapool wrote at the end of July, Koshlukov appointed Sasho Yovkov to a consulting contract at the BNT 3 sports channel. This happened just weeks after Koshlukov and Yovkov, along with six other candidates, were contenders for BNT general director, but thanks to the commissioners appointed from the quota of the president Rumen Radev – the chairman of the SEM Sonia Momchilova and Gabriela Naplatanova – a new director was not elected.

In this way, Koshlukov was cemented in BNT and for the upcoming election campaign, in which public television has an important role.

Sasho Yovkov’s return to BNT is a kind of déjà vu. In 2019, the first job of the then newly appointed general director of BNT, Emil Koshlukov, was to appoint Yovkov as head of sports on television. It is curious that before that the sports journalist was also a direct competitor of Koshlukov for the post of general director of BNT.

In 2019, however, Yovkov stayed at the head of the sports directorate for only 6 months, which turned out to be a probationary period, after which his contract was not renewed and he was retired. Then the “Sport” directorate was headed by Ivaylo Angelov, who is still its head.

Old glory

Applying for the position of general director of BNT in 2017, Koshlukov met the criteria for work experience, indicating that he had been program chief at Alfa TV for the past year. His previous managerial experience at TV7 and News 7, financed by the bankrupt KTB, was not enough to cover the requirement. However, the submitted document raised doubts as to whether Koshlukov was even a program director at Volen Siderov’s party television, because even then its employees claimed that they had never seen him.

The contest in 2017 was won by Konstantin Kamenarov, who a little later invited Koshlukov to become program director of BNT 1.

However, in April 2019, Kamenarov left his post due to a conviction for driving while intoxicated, and the SEM without hesitation appointed Koshlukov as the temporary head of BNT. The stay at public television provided him with legitimate experience in a managerial position, and he applied with a flying start for general director. The work experience in the “Ataka” party television was suddenly deleted from the detailed biographical report published on the BNT website.

This year, on the initiative of the chairman of the parliamentary media commission Toshko Yordanov (ITN), the media regulator rechecked the documentation on the election of Koshlukov as general director of BNT, but found no inconsistencies.

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