Annie Salic hugs baby at 53 – Gossip

Annie Salic hugs baby at 53 – Gossip
Annie Salic hugs baby at 53 – Gossip

The 53-year-old journalist published a photo of her holding a newborn baby girl in her arms. It turned out that she had actually become his spiritual mother a few days ago. Salic accepted to be the godmother of little Bozhidara from Melnik, whose parents were close to the presenter’s heart.

At the happy event, the newswoman appeared in a stylish beige outfit that matched little Bozhidara’s dress. She was gifted with expensive armaganas, including gold ornaments. Ani also attended the family celebration with a treat after the church service, but it is not clear whether she was accompanied by her new partner – Sotir Tsatsarov.

Although she is once again on the cusp of love, the journalist is adamant that she is not thinking about more heirs. Ani has two grown children from her ex-husband Branko. Her new partner Sotir Tsatsarov is even now the proud grandfather of a first-born grandchild, and it is likely that Salic will soon boast of similar news.

As nothing, however, the anchor of the news on Nova TV will go under the crown for the third time. She has a failed marriage behind her from her young years, when she married a metropolitan entrepreneur. She had a long family experience with her father, her children Branko. Recently, Tsatsarov officially divorced his ex-wife Meglena, which means that if they decide to get married, it is already completely permitted and legal, “Retro” wrote.

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