Slavi Trifonov is guarded with crutches, he with crutches

Slavi Trifonov is guarded with crutches, he with crutches
Slavi Trifonov is guarded with crutches, he with crutches
The leader of “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov looks increasingly weak, exhausted and with a dead smile. The showman is surrounded by guards armed with pistols. The politician was caught by “Bulgaria Dnes” a few days ago in front of his office in the capital’s “Levski G” district.

It is clear from the footage that Trifonov has drastically lost weight in recent months. Almost nothing is visible from the muscles of a politician.

The long one has a hard time getting out of the huge black jeep he used to drive from his home to the television. The showman uses a crutch to help himself to the ground. Trifonov has been using the same tool for years.

Slavi looks pensive at first glance, but his face is actually frowned upon. What’s more, pain can be seen on his face. Recently, the smile has been completely absent from the face of the leader of “There is such a people”. Most likely, Slavi is in great pain, and that’s why his grimaces are tortured.

It is noteworthy that Trifonov does not seek help from the armed guards as he gets out of the shiny jeep and walks alone to the entrance of the building. Although slowly and with the help of his crutch, he walks the distance to the office by himself. Of course, the guards stand inches away from their boss and make sure he doesn’t stagger.

One of Dulgiya’s bodyguards is armed with a gun, also seals the camera on the photo. The hulking guard has his weapon holstered and moves close to the ITN leader, keeping an eye on his safety.

Trifonov has undertaken another drastic change. For the first time in years, he’s wearing a T-shirt that isn’t by popular German designer Philipp Plein. Apparently, Slavi already has another favorite brand, and the logo on his T-shirt can be seen from afar.

He seems to be thinking of a semi-presidential republic

The pensive grimace on Trifonov’s face most likely betrays his deep emotional concern for another referendum that the showman politician is planning. His face literally shows that he is thinking. The leader of “There is such a people” appeared in a special statement on his own television, in which he surprisingly announced that he would want a national referendum on whether Bulgaria should become a presidential republic. Later, the lawyer from his party, Iva Miteva, explained that the ITN leader had in mind a semi-presidential republic, whatever that means.

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