BNT: There is a victim of the floods. bTV: There are no victims

BNT: There is a victim of the floods. bTV: There are no victims
BNT: There is a victim of the floods. bTV: There are no victims

The first victim of the floods in the village of Bogdan in Karlovy Vary – according to information from the military, an elderly woman died after the arrival of the second tidal wave, BNT reported.

There is no access to the village as both its bridges are inaccessible – one completely washed away and the other under water.

Currently, there are teams of the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio in Bogdan, which also cannot be evacuated. It continues to rain very heavily.

The director of DG PBZN chief commissioner Nikolay Nikolov told bTV that there were no deaths or injuries. This does not make us calm that there are no people in danger”.

“Rozino, Karnare, Slatina, Stoletovo, Karavelovo and Bogdan are the places in trouble at the moment. We have deployed volunteers all along the Stryama River. We have warned the mayors to monitor the river so that it does not become dangerous for other settlements. At the moment, the waters of the Stryama River are unseen. It is bigger than Maritsa river,” he added. He confirmed that the village of Bogdan is practically cut off from the entire municipality.

“Tonight, 194 liters per square meter of rain fell over Klisura in the Stryama watershed. The situation is difficult. We cannot carry out a complete evacuation. At the moment the instructions are for those people who are confined in the houses to go to the upper floors – temporarily yes
keep their lives,” said Nikolov.

He added that rescuers and boats are arriving from all regions, including from the Metropolitan Municipality. Divers and climbers also help in the rescue, the military unit as well.

“Unfortunately, the helicopter cannot take off at this time. By the end of the day, we expect stabilization of the weather,” Nikolov added.

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