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Aerial footage taken by an Air Force Cougar helicopter during rescue operations today shows the situation in the flood-hit region of Karlovsko.

Disaster under the Balkans after torrential rains in Karlovo, Sopot and Kalofer! Rivers overflowed, dams broke, entire villages were cut off from the world.

Torrential rains caused flooding throughout the Karlovo region. A partial state of emergency has been declared in five villages there. The Sub-Balkan road was flooded in the area of ​​the village of Rozino.

The movement of trains to Burgas in the Karlovo area has been stopped. Due to rain, the work of VMZ-Sopot stopped. The rivers Topolnitsa and Byala Reka crossed in Koprivshtitsa.

A dangerous weather code orange has been issued for today in five areas, and the rain continues.

24 hours after the start of the downpour in Karlovsko, everything is covered in mud. Several houses are flooded, there are also collapsed bridges and fences. Fortunately, there were no injured people or victims. However, the distressed remain. A total of 12 people were evacuated by boat, including a mother, 6 by ropes and another 12 by helicopter. Military personnel with heavy military equipment are also on site.

Torrential rains flooded the Sub-Balkans, there is an overflowing river and villages under water (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

The rain starts at midnight. However, the big downpour, which lasted for 2 hours, was at 9 in the morning, the locals say. After him, the village of Bogdan found itself cut off from the world. In it, quite a few people were left defenseless to suffer.

An insurmountable chasm opened up after the Stryama river left its bed. In two places, the levees of the river were damaged, so it swept away cars, trees, bridges and entered people’s homes.

Help came by air, land and water. 100 military personnel, a Cougar helicopter, as well as fire and emergency rescue teams arrived at the scene.

If necessary, the evacuees are accommodated in hospitals in Karlovo. And in parallel with the rescue operation, there was also an inspection of the area – by the national investigation.

“In the case concerning the floods in several villages in Karlovsko, pre-trial proceedings have been initiated. It concerns causing a flood due to negligence. If found guilty, the punishment is imprisonment for up to 5 years,” said Galina Andreeva, deputy district prosecutor of Plovdiv.

A way will be sought for the village of Bogdan to have a connection with the world again.

A landslide restricted traffic on the Troyan-Karnare road

There were also floods in Koprivshtitsa. The two rivers that run through the city overflowed early Friday morning due to torrential rains. There were no injuries, but there was material damage. In the morning, the raging waters of the Byala Reka tore down part of the retaining wall at the Kantarjieva house. Another property was flooded. A brother and sister live there, to whom the municipality has already promised help.

At the Kantarjieva house, the situation is most serious. A part of the wall that holds the White River in its bed has fallen under the pressure of the raging waters.

The larger of the two rivers – Topolnitsa – also overflowed in Koprivshtitsa.

The municipality is yet to carry out an inventory of the damage.

See more in the videos.

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