The news and journalism of NOVA and NOVA NEWS with a special project – “The choice of Bulgaria. A matter of parliament” – Shows – Highlights – NOVA’s news

The news and journalism of NOVA and NOVA NEWS with a special project – “The choice of Bulgaria. A matter of parliament” – Shows – Highlights – NOVA’s news
The news and journalism of NOVA and NOVA NEWS with a special project – “The choice of Bulgaria. A matter of parliament” – Shows – Highlights – NOVA’s news

Nikolay Doinov started the series “Interview in NOVA News” from Monday

During the pre-election campaign for the 48th National Assembly, which begins today, the journalists of NOVA and NOVA NEWS will follow current topics in special columns, analytical comments, pre-election debates, individual appearances and leadership interviews, united in the pre-election project “Bulgaria’s Choice . A matter for Parliament’. They will provide viewers with full information coverage and an objective presentation of the priorities of the parties participating in the campaign and their candidates.

From Monday (September 5), Nikolay Doinov started the series “The NOVA News Interview” with exclusive meetings on topics important to society. His first guest is the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria Iliana Yotova.

Quality journalism will be offered by NOVA’s topical shows, which return in the fall television season. The morning block “Hello Bulgaria” starts at the usual time – 6:00 a.m. and continues until 9:30 a.m. with hosts Mira Ivanova and Viktor Nikolaev. They will hold a series of pre-election debates and interviews of political leaders, contenders for the trust of Bulgarian voters.

From September 3, presenter Anna-Maria Konova will comment on the most current events of the past week in “Wake up” every Saturday and Sunday between 7:50 and 11:00 a.m. She will talk to representatives of a wide range of parties, list leaders and civil quota representatives. During the election campaign, a new column begins – “The Promises” with author Neli Todorova. It will present the main policies of the parties on incomes, taxes and measures to deal with rising inflation. In the familiar time, the author’s columns of Desislava Banova-Plevnelieva, Marijan Stankov-Mont Deux and Krasimir Boev also start with new seasons.

He returns with new documentary stories “The NOVA Theme” already on Saturday. On September 3, the reporter Stoyan Neshev and the cameraman Rosen Iliev will look for answers to the questions: why the recidivists on the road increase and why some of them get away with light punishments. After the serious accident on July 5 this year on Cherni Vrah Boulevard in Sofia, a number of vices in the administration of justice came to light. Who is responsible and can dangerous drivers be stopped? – the answers are forthcoming in “Justice in the emergency lane”.

“In focus with Laura Krumova” will be broadcast on NOVA from September 4 at 4:30 p.m. with strong journalism, intriguing content and the show’s typical unconventional look at events in Bulgaria and the world. Every Sunday during the election campaign, the well-established journalist Lora Krumova will hold talks with the main political leaders and after the central issue of NOVA News in “In Focus: The Election of Bulgaria”.

From September 5 at 4:10 p.m “Crossroads” journalist Mikhail Dyuzev will offer an extended commentary and discussion on the important and polarizing topics of the day with the help of three radically different interlocutors with influence in society. The candidates vying for the voters’ vote on October 2 will also face off head-to-head in the Crossroads.

The NOVA NEWS information channel will actively cover the election campaign in broadcasts “Your Day” with Laura Injova, “The Day Live” with Nadelina Aneva and “Offensive” with Lyubo Ognyanov, where candidates for deputies from different parties will present their programs and goals. The emblematic show also started on NOVA NEWS “Jaws” with author and host Diana Naydenova from September 13. The familiar clash of opinion format will air every Tuesday and Thursday, immediately following the media’s primetime broadcast at 8:00 p.m.

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