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A new week full of funny situations and a genuine sense of humor in a friendly environment is coming with the episodes of “Icing on the Cake” from Tuesday to Friday at 8:00 PM on NOVA. Powers of the culinary scene will measure the presenters of the newest musical format of NOVA “The Stars in Us” – Maria Ignatova and Nencho Balabanov, the actor Kitodar Todorov and the TV presenter Deyan Slavchev – Deo. The star hosts will invite viewers into their personal world and introduce them to the people closest to their hearts.

Sea delights with Krasima Kirova – Bambi in “The cherry on the cake”

A tone of good mood will be set by Deyan Slavchev – Deo on Tuesday, who will welcome his guests in the fresh air in the village of Godech. The host with a big smile will prepare a lavish menu with fresh, home-grown produce from his own garden, that of his neighbors, as well as from the local dairy. His wife, Marijana, will be his faithful assistant in the kitchen, where experiments, seasoned with a great deal of improvisation, are ahead. During the cozy dinner there will be funny stories about life, and Nencho and Kitodar will compete for the first place in talkativeness.

A sumptuous menu dinner with Manny Vu ​​Nang Thu at The Cherry on the Cake

The host of “Zvezdite v nas” Nencho Balabanov has planned an ambitious and tight menu, in which he will put his soul and heart. The second host for the week has a clear vision, and his beautiful partner in life, Catherine, will help the flawless implementation of the concept. Nencho will use premium products, demonstrate respect for each component of his dinner and give a lesson in meat preparation. How an actor gets stage fright before proposing, what’s the secret to a long marriage and whether the contestants have a good sense of rhythm will be revealed on Wednesday.


The actor with a quick mind and unique sense of humor Kitodar Todorov takes over the baton on Thursday. The host chose his favorite dishes with a Bulgarian and oriental flavor, among them tarator according to a curious recipe and an industrial amount of hummus. In the kitchen, a first-class etude by Kitodar is coming, in which he will be joined by his two assistants – his daughter Mateya and Rafi Bohosyan. For the company, there is a disarming welcome, a lot of laughter and a nice gift for the end.

A traditional Polish dinner with Paulina Goranov in “The Cherry on the Cake”


On Friday, Maria Ignatova will open the door to her personal world. A famous NOVA host and now Nencho’s on-screen partner in NOVA’s newest show, The Stars in Us, will make her Icing on the Cake debut and let viewers into her cozy home. The menu will be inspired by favorite family recipes that will hint at her lifestyle. Fresh produce, homemade tarama and special salads will be just some of the dishes on the table, which Maria will confidently prepare in the kitchen, and then share with her husband Ivaylo “Noyzi” Tsvetkov, Nencho, Kitodar and Deo.

What more fun situations await the star participants and who will grab the plaque, follow in the new episodes of “Icing on the Cake” from Tuesday to Friday at 8:00 PM on NOVA. Don’t miss to find out who will be the first five teams to be part of the glamorous launch of the music format “The Stars in Us” on Sunday, September 11, at 8:00 PM on NOVA.

You can find more interesting information about the “Icing on the Cake” at Facebook page of the transmission. All episodes of the series can also be watched in NOVA PLAY after their broadcast.

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