Love intrigue in “Games of the Will”

Love intrigue in “Games of the Will”
Love intrigue in “Games of the Will”

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Ex-boyfriends are part of the new season of “Games of the Will”. The musician Dimitar Lefterov met face to face with his ex-lover Mirela, who is also part of the reality show.

Neither the hot chick nor the macho have revealed their plans to appear in the TV format. The two can’t believe they’re running into each other in the arena.

Bozhidar and Mirela had a stormy romance that ended. They have been together for almost a year.

“We even lived together – shared the 21-year-old goddess. – We have not been a couple for some time,” adds the beautiful Mirela.

Although they have been separated for several months, Bozhidar still has feelings for the girl from Varna.

“I still love her – says the musician in his business card, who did not suspect that he would meet his ex-boyfriend. – We broke up because I was focused on my work, and Mirela was fond of entertainment.”

The musician works with a bunch of stars. Lefterov messed with Crisko and Galena. He starred in music videos for Geri-Nicole and other popular singers.

Among the participants are the Olympic medalist Elitsa Yankova and the partner of Vanya Dzaferovich – Evgenia. Maria Grozdeva’s son Valery is also in the show, “Bulgaria Dnes” recalls.

At the same time, one of the participants scandalized the whole of Bulgaria by admitting that she had eaten her own placenta. Velislava shares about it without a drop of worry.

“My husband made me a shake, which I drank with pleasure afterwards,” recalls the brunette.

A super tall man is the favorite to win the fourth season of the game. Tsvetan is 215 cm tall. The smallest participant is 152 cm.

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