A beautiful presenter of BNT is pregnant

A beautiful presenter of BNT is pregnant
A beautiful presenter of BNT is pregnant

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A beautiful presenter of BNT blew up the network with a top news that shook not only her online followers, but also her colleagues on television.

Nora Shopova, who is a former weather forecaster at Nova TV, is anxiously awaiting her first child, and she announced the news herself on her profile on social networks. What’s more – she is already proudly walking her big belly because she is in the 7th month of pregnancy.

In a recent shot, you can clearly see how happy the future parents are, and under it Shopova has written everything she has to say at the moment on the subject: “Me + You = Three”.

As expected, dozens of comments rained down under the photo, and the first to congratulate them was Irina Tencheva, who wrote: “Yes! I saw a special light in the photos that cannot be mistaken. May you have a light and beautiful pregnancy and birth.”

Evgenia Dzaferovich also hastened to congratulate Shopova’s pregnancy, as did Geri Doncheva: “I was waiting for this news! Congratulations! Greetings,” she wrote.

Nora Shopova and her husband are currently vacationing at the sea, but they do not reveal where exactly. It’s still unclear what the gender of the baby will be, but looking at the blue heart in the host’s status, we can only assume it’s a boy.

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