Klin klin kills, but… Fatal participant in the “Farm” in…

Klin klin kills, but… Fatal participant in the “Farm” in…
Klin klin kills, but… Fatal participant in the “Farm” in…

Diana Khandzhieva finally got the hang of it. Days before she celebrated her 29th birthday on August 6, it was learned that the actress had won a role in the final season of the Nova TV series “Brothers”. She is also happy in love. At the beginning of last year, Diana and basketball player Christian Stavrev found their way back to each other after going through a lot of obstacles and several separations.

Protected by love and motivated by new opportunities in the profession, Diana is getting closer to realizing her childhood dream, and she will probably realize it as she imagined it as a 15-year-old. In March, the actress, who has always wanted to do humanitarian work, was in Uganda to get to know the locals and their way of life, with the aim of promoting their culture and needs. Diana is currently raising money to help the children and their parents she met in Uganda, planning her second visit to them.

It took the beauty a long time to land a bigger project after she rose to fame in 2018 with the role of Katerina in the BBC series Dear Heirs. The popularity he gained through the series did not automatically lead to invitations to new projects. He had to fight for a place in the queue of those wishing to participate in cinema and TV productions. More or less in this period, the beauty also struggled with obstacles related to her stormy relationship with her great love – the basketball player Kristian Stavrev.

Diana enrolled in acting school at the age of 15, thinking that if she was famous, she would have the opportunity to help people in need. The idea came to her while following the career and humanitarian work of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Diana’s first engagements as an actress were episodic roles in film and television. After that, the ambitious brunette reached the set of the American production “Getaway” with Selena Gomez and partnered with Ethan Hawke. Initially, she was supposed to be in the field for only two days, but they liked her and she stayed for four months. Diana was Selena Gomez’s understudy. He had to stay in the car for her and hope that the stunt driver who was driving would do it perfectly. After this commitment, Diana continued to follow her dream, but in the meantime she enrolled in “Advertising” at NBU. While she was a student, she went to several brigades in the USA. She left for one of them immediately after appearing at a casting for the series “Dear Heirs”. She thought the likelihood of being approved was slim. But they liked her, they called her and Diana immediately came home. This return to Bulgaria brought her closer to the realization of her dream of an acting career, but also to a new great love. They met Kristiyan Stavrev, who today plays basketball in our country, after the filming of “Dear Heirs”. Then the athlete had no idea about Diana’s appearance in the series, as it had not yet appeared on the screen. They met at a pool party. Christian was with friends. Their reunion was something of a send-off, as in two days he would be leaving for the US, where he was studying International Business Marketing and playing basketball. Diana was in a company that included her then-boyfriend. It was her 24th birthday that night. When the DJ greeted her, Christian noticed her and within minutes invited her to a short dance. This is the only time they saw each other because Christian left for the USA. After a few days, Diana sent him a picture of a billboard with her face on it – boasting about the premiere of “Dear Heirs”. Christian was pleasantly surprised and they started writing to each other. And so for months.

During this period, Diana broke up with her boyfriend and supposedly forgot him, talking to Christian, according to the rule “a wedge wedge kills”, but at some point she felt that she was falling in love. However, the long-distance relationship began to weigh on them over time. Christian was the first to pull away and he and Diana did not text each other for weeks. Then he returned, and their long online conversations resumed. When he returned to Bulgaria, their love blossomed, but the difficulties continued. She had to return to the US to finish her education, so their relationship was mostly long-distance. In 2020, Diana went to her lover in the US and everything was great, but a few days before she left for Bulgaria, she fell into a crisis. She was turning 27. Was it because of pressure from society, parents, perception, but she realized that there was no stability either in her career or in her personal life. She felt that she should have done something more significant than what she had achieved so far.

Professionally, she has one big role – that in “Dear Heirs”, and cameos in the series “Revolution Z” and “The Family”. She also participated in the short films “Diagnosis” and “Another Sunday”, but she was still quite far from even the first step towards the realization of her dream of being a successful actress, being famous and having the financial freedom to engage in large-scale charity work. On a personal level, her relationship with Christian was mostly from a distance, which was quite painful for both of them. Diana took the initiative to separate in order to focus on her professional development. This did not change when, due to the pandemic, Christian changed his plans and returned to Bulgaria. They saw each other, but their meetings did not lead to a renewal of their relationship. So Diana entered the reality show “The Farm” as a free woman. Her participation was much commented on, because of her relationship on the verge of flirtation with the illusionist Yordan Belev and the pilot Petar Petrov. When the actress left the show, she discovered that Christian had not forgotten her, and soon after the first lines exchanged, they gave their love a new chance.

The two are still together, although they no longer share many photos of themselves together on social media. Most recently, at the end of July, Diana shared footage from a campsite by the sea, tagging Christian as their author. She also started working. Diana had performances on the theater stage. Yet perhaps her biggest joy was when she landed a role in the final season of Brothers, given that she’s always wanted to act in front of a camera. Apart from fighting for new roles, Diana has also focused on raising funds for the children she met in Uganda. She visited the country in March with the assistance of Daniel Delibashev, founder of the “Smiles for Africa” ​​foundation. Diana, who shared a lot of footage from Uganda, came back very impressed, talked about the experience in interviews and more than once bravely entered into conversations with followers on social networks. They mostly asked her how exactly she helps the children in Uganda. “Mainly with social networks – I want to draw people’s attention to them, introduce you to their life, their everyday life, their culture, make the connection between them and you, and with joint efforts try to improve their living conditions. It’s true that I’m not a doctor or a teacher, but through me someone like that can find out about them and show a desire to help,” Diana answered a question on Instagram some time ago. As of now, she is determined to raise money to return to Uganda again. “That’s my goal right now. To earn money to be as financially independent as possible there. And to be able to help them, apart from through social networks, promoting their life, and being financially useful. It’s already my second home there. This is the place that I felt as such the fastest”, the actress shared some time ago, writes “Weekend”.

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