Halvadzhiyan made dust of Slavi’s idea

Halvadzhiyan made dust of Slavi’s idea
Halvadzhiyan made dust of Slavi’s idea

A presidential republic for Bulgaria is absurd and even the thought of it irritates our famous TV producer Magardich Halvadzhiyan. This became clear from his interview with Nova TV and specifically from a comment on the idea raised a few days ago by the leader of “There is such a people” and showman Slavi Trifonov.

Laura Krumova, host of the show “On Focus”, asked her interlocutor to comment on Slavi Trifonov’s idea for a referendum on Bulgaria’s transition to a presidential republic.

“I am a fan of presidential republics, but I think that such an animal cannot exist in the Balkans. In former totalitarian states, this is absurd. Here, when a president appears and is given all the power, watch what follows. It will happen,” he said.

“We are so frustrated with all the new messiahs that are emerging that there is nowhere to go. We are always betting on new people, and then the same things start as before,” Halvajiyan believes.

According to him, there is no civil society in Bulgaria. The producer is adamant that there is a lot of corruption in our country and many people do not want something new and good to happen to us.

He is adamant that a presidential republic will bury us and finish it all.

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