The NSO admitted that her car had pushed others into the Kresna Gorge

The NSO admitted that her car had pushed others into the Kresna Gorge
The NSO admitted that her car had pushed others into the Kresna Gorge

A day after denying that her car pushed cars, dangerously overtaking them in the Kresnen Gorge on Sunday, the National Security Service admitted that the car about which an outraged citizen reported to Nova TV was hers. The driver of the car in question is an employee of the NSO, and there was a guarded person in the car. “It became clear after an inspection that we carried out together with colleagues from the Ministry of the Interior”, the NSO told “Sega”, specifying that neither the service nor the Ministry of the Interior had been notified of the case by the person who sent the footage to the television.

The eyewitness says that the driver was driving with the sound and light signals on. In the Kresnen Gorge, pegs were installed 2 months ago to stop dangerous maneuvers. A speed limit of 50 km/h was also introduced.

An internal investigation was ordered, a commission was appointed, which has 15 days to clarify whether the car used a special mode of movement and whether it was appropriate. The service vowed that after the end of the inspection, everything that does not carry a security tag will be announced. “The regime may have been justified. But if it was not expedient, there should be a disciplinary sanction,” the service also commented. The commission must also clarify the circumstances that led to the fact that Nova TV was initially informed that the car did not belong to the NSO.

The service did not reveal who was the guarded person in the car “flying” through the gorge. They only clarified that he is not a member of the government. According to Nova TV, it is the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Hristanov. He has security after threats to his life surrounding the phytosanitary control scandals at the “Captain Andreevo” checkpoint. When asked by the television whether he was in the car, Hristanov answered: “I did not drive a car in violation”.

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