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Valerie won first place in the captain’s battle

After a full week in the Residence, the Reserves faced off in a merciless battle against each other in the Arena in Games of the Will: Bulgaria. The stakes before them were more than high – only the best got the chance to enter the big game and become part of one of the titular tribes.

Ilina – the first one who dropped out of “Games of Will: Bulgaria”: I think that the stone weighs in its place

Chakalov proved his complex skills in the components of strength, balance and intelligence in arranging a puzzle that made him the winner. He was faced with the dilemma of choosing 300 groschi for himself and two huge pizzas for the hungry Reserves or joining one of the tribes. Without hesitation, Chakalov became the newest addition to the Dauntless tribe, who lost one of their players in the elimination battle last week.

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The impending Reservation Council has sparked heated conversations within the tribe. Second place in the battle earned Alexa immunity and guaranteed her another week in the Residence. Ivan, for his part, asked his teammates to be nominated by them because he does not have the physical ability to compete and move forward in the game.

Ilina is the first eliminated participant from the fourth season of “Games of Will: Bulgaria”

At the night’s captain’s battle, Gencho, Valerie and Gogo faced each other in a battle of dexterity, coordination and speed. Gencho’s agility did not prove to be his strong suit, and the game made it hard for him from the start. Valerie was the first to line up her dominoes, but forgot one of her tiles, giving Gogo the opportunity to win the game. In the finale, Valerie’s composure earned him first place and the right to choose between an advantage for himself or one for the entire tribe. He preferred to please the Fearless with a valuable lead in tomorrow’s nomination battle.

How will the tribes fare in tomorrow’s clash? Who will be the first tribe nominated? Will Chakalov join the Fearless? Will the reserves nominate Ivan? What unexpected events the show will prepare for viewers and participants, see tonight in “Games of Will: Bulgaria” at 21:00 on NOVA.

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