Will they “rethink” the war in Russia?

Will they “rethink” the war in Russia?
Will they “rethink” the war in Russia?

Viewers of Russian state television recently heard an unusually heated discussion about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. MPs, military experts and commentators debated one central question: Was the war in Ukraine a mistake?

Just a few weeks ago, such a statement would have been the cause of accusations of “treason”, writes “Business Insider”. It seems that something has changed. According to some experts, this telecast is an indication that the Kremlin may want to change his official propaganda line after the defeats of recent days.However, the most important thing is that Putin is not put in an uncomfortable position, Business Insider suggests, citing the discussion on the Russian TV show as an example.

Putin could not have made the wrong decision alone

Former deputy Boris Nadezhdin is of the opinion that the president was simply poorly informed about the situation in Ukraine, the publication says. However, everything that was communicated to Putin before the start of the war turned out to be different. “We were all deceived by these people!” Nadezhdin is outraged.

His accusations are against the president’s uninformed advisers, who probably misled him, writes “Business Insider”. The former MP even made a proposal to end the war and resolve the issue through peaceful negotiations. But what is the reason for such a free announcement against the war, asks “Business Insider”.

According to the publication, although at first glance there may be hope for Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine, this is rather misleading. At the same time, nationalists are preparing the ground for a tougher approach to winning the war against Ukraine. It seems that the Russian public should be prepared for both options – withdrawal or mobilization. For both, the main prerequisite is the assessment of the currently hopeless situation of the Russian army, writes “Business Insider”.

Can Putin emerge innocent from the debacle?

Russian lawmaker Konstantin Zatulin also spoke of an “urgent need for rethinking”, but warned that it should be carried out carefully and not cross certain boundaries, so as not to cause a reaction that cannot be controlled, writes “New York Times”. “.

The same is the reason why the main tone in the Russian talk show will be in support of Putin’s decisions – he is not to blame and was badly informed by his intelligence services and military strategists, writes “Business Insider”. Although criticism of the Russian media is now mainly in one direction – to defend Putin and strengthen his position despite a major defeat, this may not be enough to keep him in power.

A possible victory of Ukraine would lead to the final removal of Putin from power, says the American journalist Ann Appelbaum, quoted by the “New York Times”. According to her, the president could not stay at the head of the Russian Federation if his biggest promise – to restore the Soviet Union – turned out to be unfulfillable and even ridiculed.

However, such a scenario will also bring uncertainty, because in Russia there is no mechanism by which power can be transferred, writes the New York Times.

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