Petya Dikova with a touching post for her father

Petya Dikova with a touching post for her father
Petya Dikova with a touching post for her father

A few days ago, the TV presenter underwent heart surgery

Petya Dikova is one of those celebrities who don’t like to share much about their daily life on social networks. But when it comes to loved ones or a family holiday, she never fails to share how she feels. She recently moved her followers with a post dedicated to her dad.

“Daddy. When he’s not asking awkward questions, not exposing lies and thefts, and not experiencing insolence and insolence, he’s a very likable person.” This is what the TV host wrote, uploading an unseen photo with Sasho Dikov from this summer.

Petya also points out that her famous dad likes to listen to The Rolling Stones and has a big heart. And her words are related to the operation her father underwent a few days ago.

Sasho Dikov was rushed to hospital

Without explaining what happened, Pippias her parents call her, expressed her love and support for the man who created and raised her.

Earlier, Dikov himself admitted that he underwent a heart operation after being rushed to the hospital. Fortunately for his loved ones, he is now fine thanks to the quick intervention of doctors.

The TV host even joked that “his broken heart” is finally fine after the 5-hour operation.

Anya Pencheva turned 65

A few days ago, Dikov’s ex-wife, Anya Pencheva, turned 65. That is why their daughter congratulated her and did not fail to note how she feels with a sex symbol parent.

“As a child, the label ‘sex symbol’ really bothered me. My classmates reacted strangely, and rightly so. Then I got used to it. Today, only pride remains!”, shared Pippi and published a joint shot with the actress.

Petya Dikova also reveals that for her Anya is a symbol of unconditional love, care, principles, femininity and beauty. Many of her Facebook followers agreed.

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