Zlatka files a lawsuit against Jesus

Zlatka files a lawsuit against Jesus
Zlatka files a lawsuit against Jesus

A spectacular scandal broke out between the former love couple Zlatka Raykova and Blagoi Georgiev.

The reason for the sparks was the football player’s guest appearance in a TV show. Although he did not say a single bad word about the mother of his son Blagoi Jr., some comments of his parents, Rumyana and Zhoro, ignited a real war.

“We were very much against this relationship. After the birth of the child, our relationship with Zlatka became a little strained. We did not keep in touch for a year,” said his mother.

Shortly after the broadcast, the beauty burst out with comments and threatened her ex-partner that they would meet in front of Themis.

“Then today he will see my child, as well as the others, only through court,” the blonde playmate could not contain her anger. So far, the two have not entered the courtroom to settle the custody of little Blagoi. Asked by “Bulgaria Dnes” for comment, Raykova categorically refused to talk about what happened.

According to Zlatka, Blagoi does not care about his heir at all and does not even provide financial assistance. Zlatka claims that she and her new partner, Karen, are paying for a private kindergarten because he was not accepted in a state one. However, she did not ask for money from her ex.

“I told him – You don’t-you don’t. Ok.”

In the comments, Zlatka repeatedly bit Blagoi specifically about his financial situation. She did not hide that it was Blagoi’s poor financial condition that played a bad role in their relationship.

“I paid the child support and his daughter’s private school. I paid his credits and loans. I took care of the bills at home and the clothes. I did not sleep and worked. I have no words for how offended I am. I did not sleep, but worked to pay for them I can stand it,” Raikova lamented.

Blagoi also remained silent about his ex’s accusations.

The first girlfriend of the footballer – Hristina Vitanova, with whom he has two children, was also involved between Raykova and Georgiev. From the words of his parents, it became clear that Zlatka often spoke against her. They have been on bad terms ever since Zlatka and Blago participated in VIP Brother years ago. Then the playmate described Vitanova as “evil”. After her last words, however, it seems that the two are not in such a bad relationship, because the blonde hinted that if Hristina talks about the problems with the football player, it will “get messy”.

Surprisingly, Raikova was stabbed in the back by her old friend – Nikoleta Lozanova. Niki Mihailov’s favorite congratulated Blagoi for the interview with the words: “Very insightful comments from your parents”, which was a direct blow against Raykova.

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