Volleyball will reach so many people for the first time

The President of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation Lyubomir Ganev announced at a special event the signed long-term contract and partnership with the b1b-box sports television.

According to him, 4 of the 6 matches will be broadcast live in each round of the Bulgarian men’s championship, and the matches will be spread over Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There will be a one-hour studio before and after the matches, accompanied by expert commentary and extensive feedback.

“Volleyball will reach so many people for the first time thanks to this partnership. Until now we have always been accused of not broadcasting the matches. Now 2/3 of the matches will be shown on free TV. People will have the opportunity to introduced to the big volleyball family. Our main goal is to make volleyball an accessible sport for everyone, and I think that with the new contract this has been achieved. Spectators will be able to see our young talented volleyball players, and many children can become passionate about the game.” commented Lyubomir Ganev.


“The contract with b1b-box is for 3 years, the financial terms are confidential, but they are much better than the previous contract with “Nova”. Our idea was to conclude such a contract after a few years, but we surpassed all forecasts and plans. Not by chance we are already a full member of the European Volleyball Association, along with the championships of France, Italy, Belgium, Greece. Our sport is evolving not only as a game, but also as a complete product. This will be a media appearance for many young players. The idea is for them to establish themselves , to grow and in 5-6 years to have a very strong national team. From the new championship, I expect the first 8 teams to be very equal and to have good matches,” said the chairman of the National Volleyball League, Zivko Zhelev.


“b1b-box has been on the market for 5 years, and in the last 2 years we broadcast only Bulgarian sports. The contract with the National Volleyball League is a big plus for our television”, commented the Belgian owner of the television, Eric Calrton.

29National Volleyball League (NVL) presented b1b.box tv as an official partner of Efbet Super Volley

“This is an important strategic partnership. We delivered the first service through which we broadcast international football, tennis, Formula 1. After that, television underwent a successful transformation and we were looking for a partner through which we could best cover sports. We found it in the person of b1b-box . We dedicate ourselves only to Bulgarian sports – cycling, swimming, water polo, rhythmic gymnastics, and now the cult for Bulgaria volleyball. I can say that the financial parameters are downright ridiculous compared to what is paid for broadcasting international sports competitions. With this, I want to call on companies to help sports. Because clubs all over the world are self-sustaining – with advertisements, sponsors, membership fees. This is not the job of the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” stressed the executive director of Bulsatcom, Stanislav Georgiev .

29National Volleyball League (NVL) presented b1b.box tv as an official partner of Efbet Super Volley

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National Volleyball League (NVL) presented b1b.box tv as an official partner of Efbet Super Volley

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