They jumped against the statement of Itzo Hazarda

They jumped against the statement of Itzo Hazarda
They jumped against the statement of Itzo Hazarda

In a statement from BAMOR, they demand that Hristo Petrov and the leadership of the PP “publicly name the agency that “in the last elections asked for BGN 100,000 to give a percentage from above”

14 sociological agencies united in the “Bulgarian Association of Professionals in Marketing Research and Public Opinion Surveys” (BAMOR) jumped against a statement by Itso Hazarda on Nova TV.

Public opinion researchers expressed their indignation at the statement of the rapper, who is a candidate for deputy, that “a sociological agency asked for 100 thousand BGN in 2021 to publish data in favor of “We continue the change”. Hristo Petrov made his statement in the program “In Focus with Lora Krumova” on Nova TV on September 18, 2022, writes “24 Chasa”.

In a statement, the sociologists demand Hristo Petrov and the management of “We continue the change” in the person of the co-presidents Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev “to publicly name the agency which (we quote) “in the last elections asked us for BGN 100 thousand in order to give a percentage on top ” (end of quote)”.

According to them, such unaddressed comments not only harm the work of those agencies and pollsters who conduct sociological surveys in good faith and according to professional standards, but also by creating mistrust towards everyone they support a corrupt environment, against which the PP declares to fight.

“We note with regret that such attacks occur during the days of a national election campaign, when the results of sociological surveys have an even higher informational value for our society,” the sociologists also wrote.

“We appeal to all analysts – sociologists, political scientists, journalists, civil organizations, etc., to join our position of not spreading unaddressed accusations and to demand the clarification of this case, instead of fueling the next scandals”, urge the researchers of public opinion .

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