It’s crazy now! How a Russian presenter threatened Britain

It’s crazy now! How a Russian presenter threatened Britain
It’s crazy now! How a Russian presenter threatened Britain

Russia must turn Britain into a Martian desert. This was announced on Monday by the Russian MP Andrey Gurulyov during his participation in a propaganda show on the Russian state television “Rossiya 1”, writes Club Z

“Biden announced that if Russia uses chemical or nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine … are you listening to the nonsense he is talking about? He said there would be serious consequences, Russia would become an even bigger pariah. What makes him think we’re going to nuke Ukraine? We will live in Ukraine! We have enough targets, Ramstein (US military base in Germany) is one of them, but it can wait. Why do we want to bomb Ukraine or Germany, when there is Britain – the root of evil?”, commented Gurulyov.

The presenter Olga Skabeeva joined the aggressive rhetoric. “We had to do it today, all the best people are at (Elizabeth II’s) funeral,” she pointed out. “Forgive me, Lord.”

But it turned out that Gurulyov was only warming up. “Yes, when Britain is turned into a Martian desert, who are they going to activate Article 5 (of the North Atlantic Treaty) for?” There will be nothing left. What do they call it – “unshakable island”? Well, we’re gonna rock it. I assure you, they will all back down. They will not use a strategic nuclear weapon.”

At this point, the other leader and current United Russia MP Yevgeny Popov intervenes. It highlights a crucial detail about British defense capabilities. “I want to remind you that Britain is a nuclear power and it also has nuclear weapons.”

But Gurulyov is “unshakable” – “Let me remind you that they have 245 nuclear warheads that can be destroyed immediately. We are much stronger in this regard.”

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